Rudolph Care gifts are the loving, conscious and luxurious kind. Gifts that take good care of you and the planet alike.

Gift guide

Gifts below 75€

On this page we present to you a broad selection of Rudolph Care gifts below 75€.

We point to face & body products that deliver exclusive, indulging luxury and plenty of gorgeous glow.

Gifts below 75€

Açai Anti-Stress Facial Cream 70 €

A Rudolph Care classic. Suitable for all skin types – especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. Calming, rich and luxurious.

Açai Eye Cream 56 €

A special gift filled with active care. The eye cream embraces dryness wrinkles, harmonizes and brings new energy to the eye area.

What Any Body Needs 495,-

This year’s luxurious body gift set featuring four loving body products. This gift set is a collection of Rudolph Care favorites for plenty of good, exclusive and, not least, sustainable body love.

Find plenty more Rudolph Care gift sets right here.

Açai Eye Cream

Açai Anti-Stress Facial Cream

What Any Body Needs

Gua Sha by Rudolph Care 47€ & 56€

Face Gua Sha and Body Gua Sha by Rudolph Care are the gifts that neither run dry nor expire. A gua sha is a traditional Chinese massage tool used for releasing tension, calming down the body and for stimulating the skin.

We also offer you to combine Body Gua Sha with Body Oil here - and Facial Oil Delight with Face Gua Sha here.

Herbal Mint & Forever Soft Kit

Açai Body Lotion Limited Edition 70 €

A classic in a limited edition dress. Açai Body Lotion is loved by many for its moisturizing properties, the rich texture and the wonderful scent - not to mention its beautiful look created by Helene Blanche.

Signature Notes Eau De Parfum 70 €

The Rudolph Care signature fragrance is available in its pure form. Signature Notes Eau de Parfum is a delicate perfume that’s filled with the classic, natural signature fragrance you know from our products.

Açai Body Lotion

Signature Notes Eau de Parfum

A Hint Of Summer 47 €

A classic Rudolph Care gift – A Hint of Summer is a natural self tanner that leaves the skin with a summer glow as if you just got home from vacation.

Açai Body Balm 59 €

Rich, revitalizing and real luxury for the entire body. Açai Body Balm doesn’t contain water, which means it’s the richest, fattiest and most gorgeous product due to its many nourishing, natural ingredients – beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil are three of them.

A Hint of Summer

Açai Body Balm

Body Oil 70 €

Indulges the body and strengthens the skin with natural, nourishing oils from organic jojoba, sweet almond and açai – among other.

Golden Kiss Body Oil 56 €

The perfect gift for the one who likes dressing everyday life as well as special occasions in gold and glitter. Golden Kiss Body Oil is a nourishing body oil with natural shimmer from the mineral mica. Suitable for the entire body or wherever your skin needs extra shine.

Body Oil

DKK 495
200 ml

Golden Kiss Body Oil

Be beautiful, do good

Rudolph Care