10 firming facts

Would you like to get to know the green hero products?

We list 10 curiosity boosters here.

10 firming facts


Both Firming Therapy Moisturizer and Firming Perfector Serum contain hyaluronic acid. The serum even contains two different kinds. Hyaluronic acid is a very powerful ingredient that gives moisture, suppleness and glow – and works in the skin layer where your skin naturally produces the collagen that smooths out the lines in your skin.


Firming Perfector Serum is not just for your face. It can work just as visible wonders on both neck and chest/décolletage. In fact we believe – just like many other skincare experts – that facial care always includes your neck and chest.


You’ll find mango butter in Firming Therapy Moisturizer, who’s a true friend if you want to maintain your skin’s moisture balance.


Andrea Rudolph has tested the products herself along with the Rudolph Care team. It took a while to find just the right effect, texture and fragrance, but hard work, several tests and patience sure pays off.


Both products contain the classic Rudolph Care signature fragrance, though their scent do stand out from the rest of our skincare family. Their fragrance originates from their contents – the abundant riches of the plant kingdom. Broccoli, kale, spinach, mango, fresh cucumber - swirled with the scent of early summer mornings and freshly cut grass. Almost good enough to eat.


At Rudolph Care we cherish both inner and outer beauty and we’re convinced that you can care for both with the best ingredients. This philosophy we brought into the developing phases of the Firming products. And when we reached the final ingredient list, filled with so many goodies, we were actually a little hungry. This resulted in a team-up with Marie Hertz, the woman behind the restaurant at Birkemosegaard, one of Denmark’s foremost organic gardens. Together we’ve created five recipes inspired by the ingredients in the products. You can find the recipes here.


Both firming products enjoy avocado. Firming Therapy Moisturizer contains avocado oil, while Firming Perfector Serum has the honor of avocado extract. Avocado has regenerative properties and makes the skin silky soft.


The green heroines are for all, but they’re especially for mature skin in need of an extra power boost. We love smile lines, twinkling eyes, glow and fresh cheeks, though we gladly replace dryness lines with fully nourished skin full of life. If you and your skin are not in the ‘experienced/mature’ category yet, you can still reap great effect from the products. Then we recommend using the products as a part of your evening routine where the active, nourishing ingredients are allowed peace and quiet to work with your skin through the entire night.


Apple stem cells - what’s that all about? In both firming products you’ll find stem cell technology, which is an entirely unique element within the Rudolph Care universe. Apple stem cells resemble the skin’s own cells and therefore they help it to regenerate faster, also leaving your skin supple and radiant.


Last but not least, both products hold our signature, our heart, our key – açai. Both as oil and extract. Açai is extremely rich – though especially the antioxidants and its essential fatty acids are elements we deeply adore it for. They strengthen and nourish your skin, boosting its elasticity.