2024, we're ready for you

The year is almost over, and that means... A new one is just around the corner, with a calendar full of blank pages. Yes!

Here are 10 things Rudolph Care is looking forward to:

1. We lock ourselves in the bathroom – no one can reach us here. The body will be scrubbed with Açai Body Scrub and nourished with Açai Body Balm, while the face will be gently cleansed with Gentle Cleansing Foam and given a glow with the self-tanning drops A Hint of Summer – The Classic.

2. We're going out – into the gray. We put on wool and hiking boots, feel the earth beneath us, and breathe deeply into our lungs.

3. We brew a batch of green tea, Calm & Connected Tea, and pour it into the thermos, The Bottle. It's coming along on the trip out into the gray.

4. We throw ourselves on the couch and take a nap. There's nothing as wonderful as being pleasantly tired and closing your eyes in the middle of the day.

5. We bake a cake. We have no ambitions for a professional look. But it should send a vanilla scent throughout the house and taste deeply of chocolate.

6. We talk to a friend in real life. We meet up, hug each other, take a walk, and discuss everything and anything. It takes an hour. We have time for that. We want to make time for that.

7. We sign up for a ceramics course. When what was supposed to be a symmetrical bowl comes out of the oven, we tell ourselves that "it's organic and sculptural." Wish us luck.

8. We invest in silk pajamas and go to bed wearing a night mask to wake our skin with radiance, life, and elasticity. That mask is called A Time to Glow Peeling Mask.

9. We jump into the sea. 1-2-3, jump, and, whoosh, it's cold and feels so good.

10. We print the pictures we've talked about printing for 100 years and hang them on a board in the hallway so we can reminisce good times and feel tender-hearted – and then off we go, out the door, into life.