24 Questions for Zola van der Zaag

Zola van der Zaag works at Rudolph Care in Valby, Copenhagen. Her email signature says 'picoline.' But Zola is not just a picoline. Zola is Rudolph Care's fireworks. We swear, there is no task that Zola doesn't take on, and she does it with a smile as big as a surfboard. And, yes, of course, Zola can surf. Zola loves the water; she also swims in the ocean and sails. If you didn't know Zola, you might think, "It can't be true that she's so mild, interesting, and good at seizing the moment?" But we know Zola, and Zola IS a fantastic person.

24 Questions for Zola van der Zaag

1. What is the first thing you think about in the morning?
"What did I dream about?"

2. Which music track has meant something to you?
"Can I choose an entire album? The Continuum album by John Mayer. When my family and I drive to Holland in the summer to visit my father's family, it's an eight-hour trip, and we can listen to that album repeatedly."

3. Which destination is on your bucket list?
"To hike in Nepal or surf along the coast of Portugal."

4. How do you manage your time?
"No idea, I don't have a calendar."

5. What would you save from your home if it were on fire?
"My photo albums with pictures from my travels."

6. When was the last time you went on a nature trip?
"In my parents summerhouse at Høve Strand."

7. What good habits do you have?
"I take the time to call and talk to my grandparents."

8. How do you relax?
"I've never had the patience to watch series, but I can spend hours organizing drawers or looking through old photo albums."

9. How do you pamper yourself?
"Taking the time to do nothing."

10. Who is your best friend?
"My old friends from high school."

11. Which advice have you been given that you follow?
"Get things done that you tell others about – so your dreams become your everyday life. And listen to your intuition and impulses; unexpected things always happen."

12. What words are you often heard saying?
"We'll figure it out."

13. Where is your happy place?
"In the kitchen of my apartment in Vesterbro, packed with my people."

14. What are you good at?
"I think I'm pretty good at being impulsive."

15. What would you like to be better at?
"That not everything always has to happen."

16. Who are you a fan of?
"Of people who do something unexpected or surprising."

17. Which book has made a big impression on you?
"Right now, I'm reading Factfulness, which everyone should read!"

18. What did you last laugh at?
"A really embarrassing story I had to tell my colleagues."

19. What did you last cry about?
"I cried laughing. See above!"

20. What do you always have in the fridge?
"Good beers!"

21. Which movie have you watched the most times?
"Everything with Tarantino."

22. What is your favorite dish?
"My mom's homemade

23. What makes your every day a little better?
"I take time for the little things. For example, I talk to the cashier and pay with my physical card instead of staring at my phone and paying with it."

24. What are your favorite Rudolph Care products?
"My all-time favorite is Facial Oil Delight, both as hair and facial oil. Sun Stick SPF 50 was my rescue in my bag when I got a scar on my face and constantly needed to protect myself from sun damage. Lips in color 'Andrea,' the triple-product that works as a blush, lip balm, and lipstick."