Signature Notes

All you need to know about Signature Notes

Signature Notes starts with the scent of Rudolph Care and becomes you. It’s made for you alone, yet together we share the experience.

A delicate balance and unification of contrasts, something you want to follow, traditional and unusual, simple and utterly complex.

This page tells you all you need to know about Signature Notes.

Signature Notes is
you and Rudolph Care

Signature Notes becomes your signature at the very first touch. Your natural scent combines with the subtle fragrance molecules to form a unique combination of you and Rudolph Care. Signature Notes embraces a delicate balance of vibrant, yet soft, warm notes, leaving a trail of alluring mystique. An understated, sensual fragrance fusing the classic with the untraditional, as it embraces the body’s landscape smoothly and organically to blend as one with it.

A fragrance to inspire daydreams and a new take on the world, it gives you space, and soothes and energizes you all in one. Signature Notes sets the scene for your day. Whether it calms or entices is all up to you. Because Signature Notes is all your own.

Signature Notes is available in two variants: Eau de Parfum and Huile de Parfum. The fragrance is 100% natural and contains none of the 26 declarable fragrance allergens. It is the first-ever fragrance to carry both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the organic certification COSMOS.

The Origin

… from the perfumer in Grasse to your beauty shelf.

Do you know Signature Notes? The natural Rudolph Care fragrance that becomes your signature as it merges and melts together with your own personal, natural scent.

If you’re new to Signature Notes, you can befriend it from the core on this page. The beginning of Signature Notes took place in 2017 in the French city called Grasse, where the perfumer called Stephane composed every note of the fragrance.

The journey from Grasse

A perfumer is also known as a nose. If you ask the most talented noses where the home of fragrance is, they always say Grasse. The town in the hinterland of the South of France is the cradle of perfume. Some of the greatest fragrances of the world were created here.

This is also where Signature Notes was created. The nose responsible is called Stephane. The perfumer’s language is the notes of the fragrance, and he creates his work of volatile molecules in a composition of sensuousness, feeling and formulae.

Stephane has always had a particular penchant for natural fragrances, but he had never faced the challenge that Rudolph Care presented him with: to create a natural fragrance – without any of the 26 declarable fragrance allergens and with two certifications.

It was a long journey that required a great deal of commitment and contemplation before Stephane was satisfied. The perfumer from Grasse has composed an innovative work. Not just an irresistible fragrance, but a world sensation. Signature Notes.

Eau de Parfum
& Huile de Parfum

With Signature Notes, we went with our sixth sense, pursuing our passion for fragrance oils; for all things ephemeral, refreshing, subtle, refined, nourishing and natural. This is why Signature Notes is brought to you in two variants: Eau de Parfum and Huile de Parfum. A light and airy, effervescent spray and a rich, embracing oil. Together, they provide refined balance and mutual dimensions, while separately conjuring up their very own fragrance magic.

Signature Notes Eau de Parfum is a light, elegant spray-on fragrance; the French name means “perfume water”. The Eau de Parfum is composed of natural fragrance, organic grapeseed extract and alcohol. The fragrance contains 20 percent perfume oil of natural origin to provide a delicate but concentrated scent. Signature Notes Eau de Parfum can be sprayed on your skin, but is also ideal for misting your hair and clothes.

Signature Notes Huile de Parfum is a luxurious fragrance oil composed of a choice blend of delicate organic oils of almond, açai and sea buckthorn. The oils are unscented, making them non-disruptive to the scent of the natural fragrance. For application where your skin is warmest – on the pulse points. Adopt it as the final step in your skin care routine after showering, or blend with your body lotion on target body zones.

Tip: Signature Notes Huile de Parfum is an excellent alternative for anyone who may be sensitive to the alcohol found in perfume sprays.

Signature Notes Eau de Parfum

DKK 495
50 ml

Signature Notes Huile de Parfum

DKK 645
30 ml

Understated and discreet self-care

For Rudolph Care, fragrance is part of the self-care, time and peace you can give yourself with the loving aid of our beauty products. Many see fragrance as that last-minute “t” to be crossed before their beauty routine is done. But why not devote a little extra me-time to fulfilling that self-care and encapsulating it in a sensory aura to last all day long?

Huile de Parfum is the ultimate self-care fragrance. Disperse the delicate droplets of oil anywhere on your skin for scented wellbeing. On the inside of your wrists and elbows, the backs of your knees, on your neck and behind your ears. Your natural body temperature gets to work for you as soon as you apply Signature Notes. The heat of your body envelops the scent molecules to let the vibrant, soft and soothing notes embrace you. Take the time to sense the effect, noting how adding a little step to any great beauty routine needn’t take much more time to create a whole new sensory experience.

Signature Notes is a fragrance that lets you come into your own. It gives you time and space; it doesn’t shroud you in a cloud of scent or steal the show, but blends respectfully and effortlessly with your own natural body scent. Every person has a unique body scent, so your experience of Signature Notes is personalized for you. Nobody else has a scent like yours, which is why we say: Signature Notes starts with the scent of Rudolph Care and becomes you. It’s made for you alone, yet together we share the experience.

Nordic Swan Ecolabeled & COSMOS-certified fragrance

The double certification and mutually complementary Nordic Swan Ecolabel and COSMOS label are your assurance that both the content and packaging of every single product have been carefully selected to ensure that the cultivation, processing, production, labor conditions and packaging comply with strict environmental and health requirements. The two certifications form a lifecycle essential to Rudolph Care.

This lifecycle naturally recurs in Signature Notes, which, besides being Rudolph Care’s first fragrance is also the very first fragrance in the world to achieve the two certifications. Moreover, the fragrance has been crafted without any of the 26 declarable fragrance allergens that the European Union recommends avoiding.

Creating a fragrance that takes responsibility for nature, the environment and human health, yet still smells captivating, is a tall task. However, at Rudolph Care, we took up the challenge to create a natural and certified organic spray-on fragrance and fragrance oil scented by natural and organic ingredients. The natural fragrance is made with immense care and by methods that minimize any environmental impact.

How to wear Signature Notes

Think of your fragrance as part of your wardrobe. Handle it with love and care – just as you would your finest lingerie or silk stockings. Apply Huile de Parfum to the inside of your wrists and elbows, the back of your knees and behind your ears. Lightly mist Eau de Parfum over your body, allowing the vibrant, warm and soft fragrance notes to embrace you and blend with your own natural scent. To achieve a deeper, more intense scent, start by applying the fragrance oil and then seal in and intensify your scent with the Eau de Parfum.

Mastering the art of making your fragrance last all day

A fragrance is composed of different aroma molecules that blend with your own personal scent when the fragrance comes in contact with your skin. These molecules evaporate slowly over time and are what make the fragrance you are wearing detectable – intense to start with and later more subtle.

Natural fragrances are not designed to keep you scented all day, but there are a number of things you can do to boost the fragrance to retain its depth and lasting effect on your skin.


Signature Notes is essentially the same fragrance that makes Rudolph Care so distinctive. This means that you can stage and build up a longer lasting scent by wearing the fragrance in combination with other Rudolph Care products. Açai Body Lotion and Body Oil share the same scent composition, and by layering your fragrance it will last longer.

The best base

Another trick for giving your scent staying power is to apply fragrance to well-hydrated skin. This means applying your fragrance after showering, and, even better, immediately after moisturizing your skin with Rudolph Care Body Lotion or Body Oil. The oils in both of these products help to bind the scent molecules better to your skin, so they last longer. If you aren’t showering or don’t have time to moisturize first, then apply a thin layer of Rudolph Care To The Rescue Balm to your preferred scent zones, and let the fragrance bond with the lipids in the balm.

Keep it warm

By wearing fragrance on warm pulse points, you will be encouraging it to develop and give off a scented aura around you. This means applying fragrance to your neck, nape, wrists, the backs of your knees and navel, too – as this is always warm. Avoid rubbing your fragrance to heat it between your wrists – you risk overheating the scent molecules so they develop differently than expected.

Apply fragrance to your hair

Another way of making your fragrance last all day, is to spray it in your hair. Your scalp is nice and warm, and your hair acts like a scent diffuser as you shake your locks or tresses during the day. This will let you enjoy the scent of your favorite fragrance all day long as well.

Fragrance top-up

Even the most scent-boosting prepping won’t always preserve your fragrance from sunrise to sunset. So, you might need to top up your fragrance over the day. Use the trick of applying fragrance over a thin layer of Rudolph Care To The Rescue Balm, or make life easier for yourself by using the little fragrance roller and simply glide it lightly over your skin for a fragrance refresher.