Andrea and life under the sun

Rudolph Care's sun series turns… 10 this year! It's been 10 years since the nurturing sun series wrapped in ocean blue packaging entered the world. The products protect the skin against the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays and nourish and strengthen the skin with active Nordic ingredients, including sea buckthorn, which contains high levels of vitamin C, and apple extract, which activates cell production to keep the skin in shape.

At Rudolph Care, we want the whole package: sun protection and well-nourished skin. We do our very best to take care of the planet. That means none of Rudolph Care's sun products contain chemicals that harm corals and other animals below the sea's surface.

Why was it essential for Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, founder of Rudolph Care, to create a sun protection line 10 years ago? And why is the series still relevant?

“Every time you apply cream, including sunscreen, it should feel really, really good. That's why I set out to create sun cream that should feel like something you apply for pleasure, not something you do as a protective measure,” says Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph.

Let's be honest: sunscreen can often be... well, a downer. It can clog the skin, be sticky and difficult to spread, make the skin white, and sting the nostrils with its synthetic smell. “A lot of sunscreens can feel like being wrapped in Vita Wrap,” Andrea says. Word.

However, more than a good feeling and an excellent sensory experience on the skin is required. Another, and perhaps even more important, parameter was that the sunscreen should do more than protect against the sun's rays.

“When I developed the sun series, I was very aware that it should also provide the skin with a lot of good; the sunscreen should be nourishing and full of active ingredients and vitamins and boost the skin like the best skincare. The sunscreen should be able to replace a regular day cream,” says Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph.

Rudolph Care’s sun series was exceptionally well received when launched 10 years ago. It was an innovation that sun protection could be a pleasure and positively affect the skin. The series won an award for 'Best Series.' It may have been 10 years ago, but Rudolph Care's sun series is still on everyone's lips - and skin.

“Every time someone stops me and tells me they love our sunscreen, or people with sun allergies tell me that our sunscreen has saved them because they finally found sunscreen that they can tolerate, I think it's fantastic! So, a huge thank you to all those who keep buying our sunscreen. It makes me so proud and so happy.”

The fact that new users of Rudolph Care sun protection keep coming in all the time gives Andrea determination like nothing else.

“It enhances my desire to continue the pursuit of refining the products.”

No one should be without sunscreen, especially not the extraordinary kind.

Happy application and happy summer.

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