Rudolph Care

The Gua Sha - beauty of glass

Rudolph Care has teamed up with the Danish glass manufacturer Holmegaard to create a new, beautiful piece of design – a gua sha, handcrafted in glass. The design is locally produced at Holmegaard Værk and made from recycled glass, meaning no two are alike. That's something we appreciate.

On this page you can read all there is to know about The Gua Sha, from how it’s made to how you use it.

The Gua Sha comes to life

At Holmegaard Værk, each gua sha is hand-cast in one of the five molds explicitly developed for this purpose. When the molten glass, heated to 1160 degrees, lands in the mold, a stamp creating the gua sha's soft indentation is pressed into the glass, giving the gua sha its organic cloud-like shape.

When the gua sha needs to cool down and set, it slowly relieves the glass's stress and prevents it from splintering. This also allows the gua sha to withstand very hot and cold temperatures, so you can put it in the refrigerator and use it to cool down on hot days or heat it to loosen sore shoulders.

Because The Gua Sha is handmade, only 100 gua shas can be produced daily...

It's a meticulous process that requires patience and precision. Although the molds are identical, each gua sha will have its unique expression, depending on how hard the stamp has been pressed into the glass and how many air bubbles have left beautiful imprints in the petroleum blue glass. And if you want to get your hands on a petroleum blue gua sha, you might not want to wait forever. When this batch of gua shas is sold and a new one needs to be produced, there may be less petroleum blue glass left, and the gua sha will take on a new tone. It depends on what type of glass is surplus and available for recycling.

That beautiful, if you ask us.

Much more than a beauty tool

Although the beautiful piece of glass is called The Gua Sha, it is much more than a beauty tool for creating radiance. It is a design object you can use as a paperweight or place your earrings in. Let the light shine through the petroleum blue glass and dream away to the sea, then let its soft curves glide over your neck and breathe.

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