Sunday Edit: December – Bring It On

You've promised yourself that this year, December will be like the movies. No stress, strong mulled wine, and an organic Christmas tree in the living room. Here are six suggestions on how to make your December just as awesome as the Christmas cookies you've committed to baking.

Break from Christmas Food

Dry fish fillets, boiled eggs cooked to oblivion, and heartburn-inducing Snaps. Can you do anything but love the Christmas lunches? After a while... Well, yes. Fortunately, another Atelier September has opened, this time in Nordhavn, just as beautiful as the others. Swap herring for sourdough – or omelets, fruit, and porridge. Everything you miss that isn't Christmas food – you'll find it here.

Address: Århusgade 128D, 2150 København
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Christmas’ drink

The Rudolph Care office has spoken: Mulled wine should be enjoyed at Christianshavns Bådudlejning in Copenhagen. Cabin vibes, plaid benches, a fireplace in the corner, and... mulled wine. The homemade essence is based on fresh oranges, star anise, plenty of spices – and with a generous splash of alcohol, you can’t help but get fuzzy inside.

Address: Overgaden Neden Vandet 29, 1400 København K

If you're closer to Aarhus, don't miss the mulled wine from Cafe Englen. It's no joke that locals flock there; the mulled wine is known to be both strong and delicious.

Address: Studsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C

Christmas tree for good

Find a Christmas tree that doesn't shed half its fir needles every time you sneeze – and one that has grown under proper conditions. At Grantoftegaard, you can buy organic Christmas trees. If you also enjoy petting animals and going on a horse-drawn carriage ride, this is the place for you.

Learn more about Grantoftegaard here (in Danish).

Lucia on the Canals

You can't miss the annual Lucia parade at school, where sixty children dressed in white sheets and dripping Christmas candles sing in the Christmas season. But maybe there's still room for more song time when the annual kayak version of the Lucia parade lights up the canals of Aarhus and Copenhagen on December 13. You can join in on the singing, and experience the decorated kayaks, in both Aarhus and Copenhagen.

No boring Christmas gifts

Are you tired of buying Christmas gifts from the same three stores – and would you like to see what Rudolph Care looks like from the inside? Join us at our annual Christmas market at the House of Rudolph Care in Valby on December 7, where we have invited Danish brands to bring gifts that are actually worth receiving. Taste Cykelkokkens famous mulled wine and “æbleskriver”, participate in Coach Kallon's workout, and personalize your gifts with embroidery from I Tråd med Verden – all while supporting a good cause. The proceeds from these three initiatives go entirely to Save the Children (Red Barnet).

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Amaryllis - this year's Christmas star

You have had enough of the classic red poinsettia. You need your life’s Christmas flower, an amaryllis. But not just any amaryllis. It has to be colorful, and last for more than a week. Buy amaryllis bulbs from the online shop Haven på Taget – and your Christmas table will never be the same again.

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