Sunday Edit: Clara Filippa Andersen, Founder
of Peech

"Intimate well-being is having patience and a curiosity in oneself"

Rudolph Care and the Danish intimacy and well-being brand Peech reiterates the success – and have once again teamed up for a very special collaboration focusing on self-love and pleasure.

The two products; vibrator Pleasure Seeker and pelvic floor trainer Tender Lifters by Rudolph Care & Peech, are created with a mission to enhance intimate well-being and self-care – and wish to reflect the many nuances of intimacy.

We spoke to the co-owner and founder of Peech; Clara Filippa Andersen about why intimacy, well-being, and sexual health are such important topics to talk openly and loudly about.

Together we have created two different products:
a vibrator and stimulator in one and a pelvic floor trainer. What is the idea behind the two products?

"We want the products to show the many nuances intimacy and well-being contain. Tender Lifters (the pelvic floor trainer, ed.) contains the health aspect reflecting the importance of a strong pelvic floor, while Pleasure Seeker contains the element that deals with sexual well-being and pleasure. A beautiful aesthetic has also been important in the process; we want the products to be part of one's health routine, and not something to be ashamed of or hide away," says Clara Filippa Andersen.

Which trends and changes in society do you notice at Peech – and how do they influence sexual health?

"We clearly see a trend where sex toys have become more aesthetically pleasing and curious. It reflects that sex toys today are for a wider part of the population than in the past.”

What is intimate well-being for you?

"To us, intimate well-being is equal to curiosity. Pleasure Seeker is a good example: the vibrations don’t have to be used in one specific place but can be used in many different ways and in many different areas. Intimate well-being is having patience and curiosity about oneself and one's partner.”

Do you feel that it has become more acceptable to talk about intimacy and sexual well-being – or do you think that there is still a big taboo on the subject?

"We are clearly seeing a development moving away from intimacy and sexual well-being being a taboo subject – to a more open dialogue focusing on how important this topic is to us as individuals. There are parts of society where it may still be taboo, but with this launch, we wish to start the conversation and establish that intimate and sexual well-being is important for our mental health.”

Which needs and products do you find that customers are particularly demanding?

"We are experiencing a larger demand and increased need for guidance. There are more questions regarding pleasure and sexual health, and people are more curious to find products that can provide pleasure in other ways than can be experienced through penetration – such as vibrators and external stimulators.”

What do you predict will be next for intimate wellness?

“I think we're going to see even more people being curious about whether they can expand their understanding of sex as something more than just penetration. At the same time, I also think we're going to see a demand for sex to be more than genital stimulation and orgasms; sexual and intimate well-being is going to be more about exploring and knowing one's own body, and that pleasure will be more about intimacy, health, and self-love.”