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Beauty Sleep

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Beauty Sleep

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House of Holidays

This year’s gift boxes and holiday products are beautifully wrapped in a new design – created in collaboration with the Swedish artist Cecilia Carlstedt; an illustrator known by her colorful and abstract hand drawings.

The illustrations are inspired by the House of Rudolph Care - Rudolph Care's magnificent and cozy headquarters in Copenhagen. It is here that all the ideas originate, where good karma and love for the cream and collages are born.

House of Holidays christmas boxes: Open Arms; gift box with 2 x Keep on Rolling Deodorant, Softness in a box; a gift box with Açai Body Scrub, Açai Body Lotion and To The Rescue Lip Balm & Caring Couple; a gift box with Silky SOap and Açai Han Cream.

This years Limited Edition holiday products; Shower Power 400 ml, Açai Body Lotion 400 ml & Açai Body Balm 850 ml.

How to use

Beauty Sleep

Step 1
Time to Glow Peeling Mask

Take blueberries, sugar cane and orange to bed and let natural fruit acids work while you sleep with the Time To Glow Peeling Mask.

Cleanse the skin of make-up and dirt and pat dry with a towel. Pump the product onto your fingers and apply to the skin. A thick layer is not necessary, but the product should be visible. A slight tingling or warm feeling is completely normal and is a sign that the ingredients are working. The mask works by itself, so you don't need to apply other products. Leave on overnight before cleansing the skin the next morning and applying your usual products. Always finish with sun protection — minimum SPF 30 — after use. Use the sleep mask 1-3 times weekly.

Step 2
Firming Eye Mask

Firming Eye Mask gives the delicate eye area a loving lift and adds moisture and increased suppleness while you rest. Gently dab onto the eye area — above and below the eyes, on the eyelids and towards the temples — and leave on overnight to allow the effective ingredients the penetrate the skin. Use the mask three times a week or as required.

Lubricate lips before hitting the hay with Intense Lip Treat and wake up in the morning with the softest pout. Gently massage the tube to release the product and spread lightly over the lips. The next morning, the moisturizing natural ingredients will have restored the lips’ natural fullness and softness.