Caring Couple

Caring Couple

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Adds moisture
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All skin types

Caring Couple contains

Silky Soap

Clean hands and a feeling of freshness awaits with Silky Soap, which we’ve filled with nourishing and moisture-retentive ingredients to prevent good and crucial hand hygiene from drying out and damaging your hands. Especially aloe vera helps to retain the skin’s moisture while wheat protein has a firming effect. The soap can be used at the kitchen sink and in the bathroom – and even on your body in the shower.

Hand Cream

Soft, well-protected and moisturized hands is what Hand Cream stands for. With its high content of natural, organic ingredients, Hand Cream ensures that the skin on your hands remains in balance. Especially shea butter and oils from sweet almond and açai firm and protect the skin with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and rich fatty acids. Aloe vera locks in the moisture while purple coneflower calms the skin and soothes irritation. Hand Cream is dense, absorbs quickly and immediately makes your skin more uniform, smoother and softer.