Rudolph Care & Aiayu Pouch

  • Limited Edition

In collaboration with the Danish brand Aiayu, we have created an organic, limited-edition pouch, that can easily fit all your Rudolph Care products. The pouch carries Rudolph Care's signature rose color, while the design is created by Aiayu, whose philosophy, like ours, is sustainable with consideration for both you and our environment.

The pouch is made of 100% organic cotton and is part of a zero-waste concept that Aiayu has created around their entire cotton production. This means that all residues from the production of bedding and rugs etc. is used in carpets and other smaller products to leave as little waste as possible. All cotton is GOTS-certified, which ensures that both cultivation and processing are created organically and with responsible and sustainable production during the entire process to the finished pouch.

30 x 23 cm.


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Rudolph Care & Aiayu

Limited Edition pouch