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The Postpartum Kit

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The Postpartum Kit

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How to use

The Postpartum Kit

Step 1
Body Oil

1. Pump a couple of handfuls of Body Oil into your hands and apply it from head to toe. If you've had a cesarean section, you can also massage your scar with the Body Oil.

Step 2
Facial Oil Delight & Intense Lip Treat

After cleaning your face with your favorite cleanser – and perhaps applying a serum or a toner, finish with a few drops of Facial Oil Delight. The lightweight oil can be used alone as a moisturizer – or add a few drops to your regular day cream.

Finish your daily skincare routine with Intense Lip Treat, which moisturizes and cares for your lips – making you ready to kiss soft baby skin.

Step 3
Mommy & Me

Whether you've just taken a bath, or your baby needs intense moisturizing, Mommy & Me travel size is your savior. Apply the rich balm where your skin needs it – or use it for your baby's first massage or diaper rash. A protective layer of organic oils remains on the skin and gradually absorbs into your skin.

Step 4
The Bottle

The Bottle quenches your thirst – and as a new mother, you can expect to be really thirsty (especially if breastfeeding). It's a good habit to fill your bottle either before or after your daily skincare routine – that way, you'll be sure to remember your fluids and be well on your way to meeting the recommended daily water intake.