Rudolph Care's sun series is much more than effective sun protection; it's a safe choice when it comes to nourishing care for face and body, coral-friendliness and sensory summer feels. Discover all the sunny favorites for the entire family.

Sun body protection

Whether you’re into sun body protection in the form of nourishing lotion, caring oil, sunscreen enriched with glitter or sun protection for your kids, you’ll find it all here.

Sun Body Lotion SPF 15

Sun Body Lotion SPF 30

Sun Body Lotion SPF 50

Pre-sun Self Tanning Sun Body Lotion SPF 30

Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition SPF 15

Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition SPF 30

Kids Sun Lotion SPF 30

Kids Sun Lotion SPF 50

Sun Body Oil SPF 15

Sun Body Oil SPF 30

Sun Body Oil SPF 50

Much more than effective and sustainable sun protection

“Right from the inception of Rudolph Care in 2009, I dreamt of creating an exclusive sun range offering sun products that would be able to do much more than just protect the skin. Because a sun cream isn’t just a sun cream. A good sun cream offers effective protection against the sun’s harmful rays – both UVA and UVB – but it also needs to be luxurious to use. It has to smell wonderful. It shouldn’t be too dense. It shouldn’t feel greasy or sticky or leave white marks, but feel soft and light on the skin. Sun, salt, water and sand dry out the skin, but a good sun cream adds nourishment and moisture to give the skin life and comfort when you’re out in the sun. Of course, it’s coral-friendly and impacts the environment and our health as little as at all possible. In 2014, we launched our sun range which meets all requirements and much more. We haven’t compromised anywhere – on effectiveness, safety or luxuriousness.”

- Andrea Rudolph, founder & CEO