Young skin, up to 30 years

If you find your skin in the ‘young’ category, do find your skin condition below and read which products we recommend for your skin – remember that you’re the expert of your own skin. Take a look in the mirror and check in with both the skin surface and the sensation in the deeper layers. Be mindful of the fact that skin is ever-changing – especially with the seasons, busyness, hormones and your sleep routine. Maybe you’re a combination of skin conditions and must try your way over time, before reaching the perfect routine.

If you’re ever in doubt, we’d always love to help – write us an e-mail with as much information as possible about your skin and your age at, and we’ll return to you with a suggestion to your ideal Rudolph Care routine.

Generally about young skin

Young skin rarely craves super active ingredients, though highly requires moisture and nourishment. This though does not exclude the fact that you might see and feel changes on your skin in your late twenties that you want to embrace. So that’s naturally an option too. At Rudolph Care we believe that glowing and happy skin knows no age. Therefore we want nothing less than seeing you and your skin get along, travel along parallel paths and glow in each other’s presence. Whether your skin is combined, greasy, sensitive, dry, entirely normal or lacks glow, you can familiarize with the right facial cream, serum and oil below.

Combined / greasy skin

If you have combined or greasy skin, we recommend that you go for our light facial cream, Moisture Delight. Moisture Delight rather reloads your skin on moisture than on oils, which is often more appropriate for greasy skin. If you have combined skin, where maybe your cheeks are dry and rest is greasy, you can supplement these areas with Açai Facial Oil. We also experience that many with combined skin find joy when using our Instantly Smoothing Serum underneath day cream because of its harmonizing effect.

Dry / sensitive skin

If you have dry and/or sensitive skin that craves moisture and nourishment, we recommend Açai Anti-stress Facial Cream. It’s rich in oils and calming ingredients that have a balancing effect on the skin – therefore especially sensitive skin is fond of this facial cream. If you prefer a lighter facial cream for your dry skin, we recommend Moisture Delight that’s developed for thirsty skin. If you have severely dry skin, our Firming Perfector Serum underneath your facial cream will probably help out your skin even better. Firming Perfector Serum contains hyaluronic acid that can retain moisture in the skin 1000 times its weight – though it’s important that facial cream is applied on top, because the serum need a ‘lid’ in order to work optimally with the skin. Firming Perfector Serum is especially good in the night routine, where there’s peace and time for it to work with your skin. A final tip for especially dry skin is supplementing it with Açai Facial Oil as needed – mixed with your facial cream in the morning or on top of your Firming Perfector Serum in the evening.

Dry and sensitive skin can be hard to give advice on, when we cannot physically observe and examine your skin – therefore it’s important that you think about how your skin feels dry and sensitive

Lack of glow

If you dream of more radiance, life and glow, inviting serum into your skincare routine is a great idea. If your skin is generally dry or if you want to embrace age lines, Firming Perfector Serum is your new best friend. If you're dreaming of a more harmonic skin surface that radiates immediate glow, Instantly Smoothing Serum is probably the right one for you.

Normal skin

If your skin doesn’t resemble any of the above mentioned categories, maybe your skin is completely normal? Your skin condition is good, it doesn’t dehydrate and it’s strong. If this is the case, the choice is more or less free – but first you must ask yourself what you want to see and feel on your skin? Do you want intense moisture (Moisture Delight), a calming and fully nourished sensation (Açai Anti-stress Facial Cream), a supple and smooth result (Açai Anti-ageing Facial Moisturizer) or a vitamin shot full of moisture, suppleness and nourishment (Firming Therapy Moisturizer)? Maybe you’d adore pure acai oil that revitalizes the skin and makes it glow. Serum is also good on normal skin; Firming Perfector Serum if you want a moisture boost and plumpness, and Instantly Smoothing Serum if you want an instant primer effect and plenty of radiance.