Moisture Delight

Moisture Delight

50 ml

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Adds moisture
Especially good for
All skin types
Young skin

How to use

Moisture Delight

Step 1
Cleanse and mist

Cleanse your face. Follow up with a nourishing face mist.

Step 2
Moisture Delight

Apply a small amount of Moisture Delight to the palm of your hand. Apply pressure to massage the product into your skin. Be careful with your dosage as the cream is very dense. It can be used as a day and/or night cream. If you have very dry skin, try Moisture Delight on top of a couple of drops of Facial Oil Delight – or simply mix the two products

Step 3

Use a serum under your Moisture Delight – Firming Perfector Serum if your skin requires more moisture and volume, or Instantly Smoothing Serum if you want a smoother and more uniform look.

Also remember Açai Eye Cream – it embraces smile lines, but effectively treats dry lines around the eyes, at the temples, between brows and even round the mouth.


Use Moisture Delight as a night cream in the spring and summer months, and protect and nurture your face with Sun Face Cream during the day.

Moisture Delight FAQ


Complete your routine with Moisture Delight

The three delight products were created to manifest soft, breezy impression on your skin. With high levels of moisturizing and harmonizing ingredients, they embrace your skin as it is right now – we call it The Delightful Trio.

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