Body Balm

Discover Açai Body Balm; exclusive, revitalizing and soothing care for the entire body. Demands time, peace and calmness in exchange for soft, glowing skin.

And Mommy & Me; delicate care for mommy and baby.

Body Balm Limited Edition

Açai Body Balm

Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me 45 ml.

What's the difference between Acai Body Balm and Mommy & Me?

There is no big difference, but the most important one is that Mommy & Me contains no added natural fragrance. Natural fragrance has been added to Açai Body Balm, which smells of the Rudolph Care signature fragrance. Mommy & Me has been developed for the mother-to-be – and for postpartum mothers and babies. That is why this product has been made as gentle as at all possible without any added fragrance. This also means that Mommy & Me qualifies for the AllergyCertified and Asthma Allergy Nordic labels. Mommy & Me also contains melon seed oil. The ingredient ratios also vary slightly between Açai Body Balm and Mommy & Me.

10 ways to use Acai Body Balm

1. The body, of course

It’s implemented in its name that the obvious way of using Açai Body Balm is pampering your entire body with it. After a hot shower it almost melts on your skin and between your hands – and it leaves the body drenched in moisture with a complete feeling of luxury.

2. Ready for kisses

The lips love Açai Body Balm, and it’ll get them ultra-soft and ready for kisses in no time.

3. Face mask

Using Açai Body Balm as a moisturizing face mask is an integrated part of many women’s beauty routine – and with good reason. It brings optimal moisture, nourishment and loving care to whatever place on your body you choose to use it. Therefore, it’s also the ideal booster to use on your face at night while the rest of the body recovers and rests.

4. Oil treatment for the scalp

Using a body product on your scalp may seem a little odd, but if it’s dry it’s absolutely going to love being pampered with the rich balm. Warm up the balm between the palms of your hands and massage it into the scalp using your finger tips. Wrap a towel around your hair and wait a while. When you’re ready to wash out the balm, the easiest way to do so is by massaging shampoo into hair and scalp while the hair is still more or less dry – rinse with water afterwards.

5. The hands

Again, a trick for the night; use the balm on your hands right before falling asleep – it’s a good idea to put on a pair of cotton gloves, so you don’t mess op the sheets. You’ll wake up with baby soft hands.

6. Shaping your brows

Use the balm in your makeup routine when your eyebrows need brushing and shaping.

7. The feet

One last trick for the night; like with the hands, you can also apply Açai Body Balm to your feet right before bedtime. And while doing so you can give your feet a tiny massage. Maybe you’ll find a sore spot that needs attention. After applying the balm you should try putting on a pair of cotton socks – let it work its magic overnight and wake up with silky soft feet.

8. The extra dry spots

Some have a tendency to have an extra dry spot here and there. They can be sensitive, itchy and they can develop if they aren’t cared for. Nurse them with Açai Body Balm, which will refuel your dry spots with luxurious moisture.

9. Massage

While you’re pampering the body with the balm you might as well spend a little extra time on yourself by massaging the balm thoroughly into yours skin. It’s a treat for both body and mind. The massage will boost the blood circulation, bring life and vitality to the skin and calm your mind. Açai Body Balm can also be used as a massage product if your loved one deserves a neck massage, or if you should be the lucky one getting a massage.

10. A baby-soft baby

If you ran out of Mommy&Me and your baby needs loving, rich and nourishing care, you can use Açai Body Balm instead.