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Mommy & Me

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How to use

Mommy & Me

Step 1
How to use Mommy & Me: baby

Let Mommy & Me melt lightly in your hands. Then massage into the skin. Use Mommy & Me for the following (and much more):

- Red baby bottom: Gentle and soothing, this product helps alleviate diaper rash and irritation on your baby's delicate skin.
- On thermometer for baby and yourself: The product can be used on the bud of the thermometer for both your baby and yourself.
- Clean baby behind ears: Use on a cotton swab to clean baby’s ears.
- Cradle cap: It can be used to remove cradle cap from a baby's scalp

Step 2
How to use Mommy & Me: mom

- Sore nipples: For those experiencing sore nipples, Mommy & Me offers gentle care and protection, and does not need to be washed off before breastfeeding.
- Nipple wounds: Breastfeeding can sometimes lead to nipple wounds. The fragrance-free formula of this product ensures that it can be used without washing off before breastfeeding, providing comfort and relief.
- Stomach skin: Mommy & Me keeps your stomach skin nourished and moisturized during and after pregnancy.
- Stretch marks: Stretch marks often appear during pregnancy, and after childbirth. Mommy & Me helps fade these marks, promoting smoother skin.
- C-section scars: Offers relief and gentle nourishment to heal and soothe C-section scars.

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Mommy & Me is also available in a 45 ml version which is ideal for your baby changing bag. Find it here.