Andrea's season favorites

Autumn skincare

“… The change in weather and the arrival of a new season are the perfect reminder that it’s time to adjust my daily skincare routine. I always let the weather be my guide. The more layers I have to wear to keep warm, the more layers of care the delicate skin of my face needs.”

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

Here are Andrea’s very best tips for fall skin – layer by layer.

The colder it is outside, the more hydration your skin needs, and the richer the creams and oils need to be, to avoid the dry, tight and irritated skin that colder temperatures can cause if you don’t take decisive action.

So get ahead of the game. A rainy Sunday is the perfect time for a refreshing walk in the woods followed by a delightful home spa treatment. And the care you invest in your skin now will keep you and your cheeks smiling all winter. Treat yourself to some quiet time in your own company and pamper your skin with a fall facial.

These products are selected to meet the needs of most skin types after a long summer, to prepare for the harsh winter weather. However, please don’t hesitate to write to us if you have any questions about how to prepare your specific skin type for fall.

Cleanse & mist

Hydrating Cleansing Milk

Cleanses your skin and removes all remnants of eye makeup and any dirt and impurities that have settled on your skin during the day. Cleanses effectively while hydrating and caring for your skin with a high content of nourishing oils. 100% goodness and 100% fragrance free. Available in 25 ml and 100 ml sizes.

Mist Delight

Refreshes and balances your skin, giving plenty of hydration. Recharges your skin to a fresh glow with strengthening minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Mist Delight is available in 30 ml and 100 ml sizes.

“… I recommend cleansing the skin with Hydrating Cleansing Milk and then spritzing with our Mist Delight facial mist before applying your facial oil. Your skin absorbs the oil better, and you use less if it’s still damp when you apply the oil. I’ve found that works well for me.” – Andrea

Hydrating Cleansing Milk

Mist Delight

Serum & oil

Firming Perfector Serum

A rich and active serum that adds fullness and intense moisture for smoother, more uniform skin. Dryness lines are replaced with well-nourished, fully revitalized and moisturized skin. And your laughter lines aren’t going anywhere.

“A serum is your skin’s favorite food. Mine simply devours all that goodness, and it shows. This is the innermost layer of your facial treatment.” - Andrea

Açai Facial Oil

Our most popular classic. Beautiful antioxidant drops of pure organic açai oil. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to rebuild and balance your skin. And it stimulates all the senses with a refined and revitalized feeling of pure luxury.

“The açai oil is droplets of pure Rudolph Care. Warm between your hands, pat all over your face and feel the nourishment sink in. In my opinion, this rich oil is the perfect way to pamper the senses in preparation for fall.” – Andrea

Firming Perfector Serum

Açai Facial Oil


Firming Therapy Moisturizer

A light, active and nourishing day and night cream. Filled with naturally hydrating ingredients that smooth and rejuvenate the skin for optimum elasticity and a natural glow. Expect silky-smooth skin and plenty of nourishing moisture.

Açai Anti-stress Facial Cream

A calming and nourishing cream, rich in beneficial oils and extracts that balance the skin while protecting it from the elements and other stress factors. Ideal for slightly dry and sensitive skin that suffers with the arrival of fall.

“… With the need to wear face masks and with all the extra challenges so many of us are facing these days, it is a pleasure to be able to calm your skin, so instead of feeling stressed it feels protected and understood.” – Andrea

Firming Therapy Moisturizer

Açai Anti-Stress Facial Cream

Body care

Açai Body Lotion

A nourishing and hydrating body lotion filled with natural active ingredients. A daily life saver that absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling greasy, making every day a party with its organic oils and beneficial extracts. Specially developed for dry and sensitive skin, because that is how all skin longs to be treated.

Açai Body Balm

And for an encore, we introduce our delightful weekend and relaxation treatment. An especially rich and exclusive balm that gives your skin deep nourishment with its organic oils, shea butter and beeswax. Açai Body Balm is for taking it slow as it takes time to massage it carefully into your skin. This balm is ideal for treating those spots that need extra nourishment. Available in 145 ml and 850 ml sizes exclusively at

“… Bring on fall! I love the spicy aromas and cold weather. And with the right protection – including for your skin and hair – the weather is ALWAYS perfect.” - Andrea

Açai Body Balm

Açai Body Lotion 200 ml.