Mist Delight

Mist Delight

100 ml

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Adds moisture
Especially good for
All skin types
Young skin

How to use

Mist Delight

Step 1
Mist on clean skin

Close your eyes, hold the product approx. 30 cm from your face and spritz your freshly cleansed face, neck and décolletage. Mist Delight can also be sprayed on a cotton pad and brushed gently over your face, neck and décolletage.

Step 2
Serum, cream and oil

Time for serum, face cream and/or oil. Try Instantly Smoothing Serum followed by Moisture Delight and/or Facial Oil Delight. If the sun is shining, use Sun Face Serum SPF 30 and Sun Face Oil SPF 25 instead.


Try our Mist Delight as the last step in your makeup routine. Spray the mist over your face a couple of times – the rich drops set your makeup and ensure that it stays in place.

Mist Delight FAQ


Complete your routine Mist Delight

The three delight products were created to manifest soft, breezy impression on your skin. With high levels of moisturizing and harmonizing ingredients, they embrace your skin as it is right now – we call it The Delightful Trio.

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