Facial oil

5 reasons to fall in love with facial oil

If you were to bring 3 things to a desert island, we’re quite sure you’d want to bring Açai Facial Oil.

There are many reasons to catch feelings for the unique oil, which is the heart of Rudolph Care. We list five of them here.

Number 1

Açai Facial Oil contains essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that strengthen the skin, protecting it through changing weather. With its many antioxidants, the açai oil is world champion at embracing fine lines and making your skin glow naturally.

Number 2

The oil nourishes and seals moisture in the skin. Therefore, Açai Facial Oil is ideal if you seek supple, soft skin without dryness, but with plenty of glow.

Number 3

When your skin needs a bit extra care, a regular face massage with a drop of oil might be what it needs. Massage your skin lightly, using upward and outward movements for a few minutes twice a day – use a gua sha or just your fingers. After a few days with loving self-care, you’ll feel a boost from the revitalizing massage.

Number 4

All who shave are going to love Açai Facial Oil. Apply 1-2 drops to your face after shaving, while the skin is still slightly damp, and feel how the skin is left soothed and fresh.

Number 5

Açai Facial Oil is a unique oil that stands out with its extraordinary sensory traits. The scent and color resemble its origin; the lush Amazon rainforest. The scent of woods, nuts, forest floor and wild nature. The color is rich and dark – exactly like the açai berries from which it’s made.