Tips & tricks for glowing skin

Makeup artist Anne Staunsager has had many models and Danish celebrities in her chair. With beautiful colors and advanced techniques, Anne creates fantastic makeup looks that grace the covers of Danish and international magazines.

We have spoken to Anne about which products she uses when the models need an instant glow in their skin – and which tips she follows herself to achieve radiant skin.

How can we best preserve the summer glow, so it lasts long into the autumn season?

The most important thing is to use sunscreen, so you don't get burned; sunburns damage your skin, making it dry and peel off. But a good tip, which many actually forget, is to use Aftersun products well into the autumn. Aftersun products retain moisture in your skin and help prolong your skin's color and glow.

Which products are essential to achieve healthy and glowing skin all year?

Make sure to cleanse your skin at least once a day – preferably twice, but at least once. If you choose to cleanse your skin only once, it should be in the evening, so all dirt and makeup from your day is cleaned off. Use Time To Glow Peeling Mask 1-2 times a week, or as often as your skin allows – to help remove dead skin cells and achieve and a renewed glow. You will also find that your products are better absorbed into your skin after peeling – and your creams, for example, will give deeper moisture. I also love using A Hint Of Summer - The Classic drops a few times a week, which I mix into both my face cream and my body lotion. It gives me a little extra color and glow to my skin – and I just feel like I look a bit better when I get the beautiful warm glow that A Hint Of Summer gives.

Apart from good skin products – which other measures can help revitalize and freshen skin from within?

Drink plenty of water – and make sure to fill up on good oils such as omega-3 fish oil. I pour a tablespoon in my daily morning smoothing.

Which products do you use on the models you work with, to achieve instant glow?

I love giving the models a beautiful glow! I always start by giving their skin a good cleanse, followed up by spraying Mist Delight all over their face. I use the moisture from the mist to massage Facial Oil Delight into their skin – and if there is a need for more moisture, I use the airy Moisture Delight cream. I let the products absorb into the skin for a couple of minutes, before applying their makeup.

Which products can always be found in your handbag?

I always have Sun Stick SPF 50 with me in my bag – for myself and for my daughter. I also love the “Andrea” Lips that I apply to both my lips and cheeks. The lovely rose/brown color.