Facts about
B Corp

Read our answers to the most commonly asked questions about the B Corp Certification - a label we're quite proud to have achieved!


Q: What is B Corp?

A: B Corp is a movement of companies that have decided not only to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.

Q: How do you achieve the B Corp Certification?

A: You decide that you want to! You look at what you can optimize in order to not burden the world unnecessarily. You adjust your statutes so that the work for the world is your overriding goal.

Q: Why are Rudolph Care so thrilled about B Corp?

A: Because we are proud that we have the courage to do business for the benefit and joy of the world.

Q: What does Rudolph Care do to live up to the B Corp philosophy?

A: We are aware of the social and environmental responsibility we have as a company and have ambitious goals within all the relationships we create - globally and locally.

Q: What does B Corp mean for everyday life at Rudolph Care?

A: That sustainability is part of all the decisions we make.

Q: Will Rudolph Care do business differently from now on?

A: We will be even more precise in the demands for responsibility that we place on all partners.

Q: What does it mean for the costumers that Rudolph Care is now a B Corp?

A: That you are a co-investor in a sustainable future as a Rudolph Care consumer - and therefore help to create a better world. Nothing less!

Q: What's in it for the world that Rudolph Care is now B Corp certified?

A: The B CORP movement is making more and more companies in the world rethink why they exist and what their responsibility to the community is.

Q: Why is B Corp such a crucial certification when it comes to production of beauty products?

A: It is important in all industries! When we say ‘For generations to come’, Rudolph Care's B CORP certification is a tangible promise that we work for a sustainable future for people and the environment in the world.

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