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Sunday Edit: Iben Maria Zeuthen – the journalist who wants to clear the front page for the climate

Meet journalist, podcast and radio host Iben Maria Zeuthen – founder of Instagram profile #rydfladenforklimaet (‘clear the front page for the climate’), an apolitical climate journalism community created to inspire the media to better reflect the severity of natural disasters. In other words, make as much noise as possible about the fact that the media needs to get involved in the climate fight now.

The Amazon

Giving back to the Amazonas with Açai Facial Oil

At Rudolph Care, we want to give back to the people and places from where our ingredients originate. That is why we annually support the local community in Nazarezinho do Meruú, Brazil, where 150 families have for more than a decade harvested the small yet powerful açaí berry, the very heart of our products. We will also offer our assistance this year, too. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about how your purchase of Açai Facial Oil 30 ml. helps.


Rudolph Care & Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen to collect waste

Many people are supporting the Waste Collection Campaign (Affaldsindsamlingen) which will be taking place from 28 March to 3 April. This year, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation has had a record 220,000 people sign up for the campaign. At Rudolph Care, we are also donning our garden gloves again this year and dedicating a working day to collecting waste – this year in the company of Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen. Read more & join.


Sunday Edit: International Women's Day

The women's movement isn't just a fight for equality between genders; it's a fight for equal opportunities for all. On the occasion of International Women's day on March 8th, Sunday Edit has asked film director Janne Giese, with a history in the Danish Red Stocking Movement, political chief consultant in LGBT+ Denmark Andreas Nielsen, and journalist Gisella Francisca about their take on the day.