Winter Glow

A good winter routine

This is the time of year when the days seem to disappear before they have even started. Low-hanging cloud breaks into snow, sleet and rain without warning. No wonder then that our energy reserves feel low and finding something meaningful to put a glow in our cheeks is a challenge.

We cannot do much about the weather, but we can make an effort to find joy, vitality and winter glow by getting into good habits.

Find out more on this page and get started on your winter beauty routine.

Find your routine

An effective and rewarding routine tailored to your needs may help you. The word ‘routine’ might make you think of something that sounds like a boring chore, but by ‘routine’ we just mean a moment you repeat daily or weekly where you pamper yourself and set time aside – five minutes or an hour – for something you believe is good for you.

No one has unlimited amounts of time, and prioritizing is key to succeeding in what is important to us. Our time and attention are some of the most precious things we have, and it is up to you to use both for what you want.

What would make your day?

So, start by asking yourself what would make your day better? Write it down and make a plan for how to make room for your preferred moment of winter escapism.

It may be anything. Setting your alarm clock half an hour earlier so that you can wake up slowly with a cup of coffee or some music. A weekly bath where you dedicate time and love to yourself with a face mask or scrub. Time where you hide your telephone away and just let your thoughts run wild. A daily trip out into nature to feel the wind on your face and the ground beneath your feet. Half an hour of reading on a cosy sofa.

Only you know what it is that does it for you.

In Winter Glow, we want to focus on effective routines, physical as well as mental, and share inspiration with those we love.

We hope you will follow us and perhaps share a routine that makes your day – if not perfect – then better. Follow us on Instagram which we promise to fill with rewarding and inspiring topics throughout the winter months.