Winter Glow

How to prolong the feeling of your winter swim

If you are dreaming about more life, glow and circulation in your body, you can prolong or recreate the feeling of your winter swim at home. Only a few good products are needed – as well as a little of your time.

Our three top tips can be found below.


The quickest way to achieve the invigorating feeling that a winter swim can give you is through gentle exfoliation – also called a scrub. Açai Body Scrub is a soft, light gel filled with fine granules from apricot seeds which gently remove dead skin cells and increase blood circulation in the skin. Use it in the bath – turn off the shower, ‘scrape’ excess water off your body to leave the skin lightly moist and scrub your skin from the feet up.

If you want the exfoliating effect on your face, you can, before you scrub your body, use Açai Facial Scrub Mask on your face and leave it on as a nourishing face mask while you massage your body. Finally, rinse the product off and feel your soft, revitalized skin.

Gua Sha

Increased blood circulation and glow can also be obtained from a gua sha massage. Massage the skin on your face or body with Face & Body Gua Sha and a good facial oil, body oil or balm. Feel how the curves of the stone remove tension and make your skin radiant with vitality. Repeat each massage stroke 5-10 times for full effect. The increased activity in your skin stimulates and strengthens your skin cells and makes your skin fuller and more supple in the long term – but this requires dedication and consistency in your massage routine. Take your time when using your gua sha. View it as a tool that provides a sensual experience – both physically and mentally. Breathe deeply while you massage, drink a good cup of tea, listen to soothing music, watch your favorite series or just sit quietly with closed eyes and enjoy the moment.


Oils give more than they take. Vitality and glow. Açai Facial Oil, Facial Oil Delight and Body Oil are all products that can prolong the feeling of luxury and serenity that so many people experience when their winter swim is over. Massage a sore muscle, feel the curves of your body, sense the natural fragrance and the effect of the nourishing composition of potent oils that embrace you with suppleness, softness and lightness.

Winter Glow Favorites

Açai Facial Oil

Açai Facial Oil 30 ml.

A Hint of Summer - The Classic

Facial Oil Delight

Açai Facial Scrub Mask

Body Oil

DKK 495
200 ml

Açai Body Scrub

Açai Anti-Stress Facial Cream

Açai Body Balm

Açai Eye Cream

Gentle Cleansing Foam

Açai Body Lotion 100 ml.

Açai Body Lotion 200 ml.

Hydrating Cleansing Milk

Mist Delight

Instantly Smoothing Serum

Firming Perfector Serum

Firming Therapy Moisturizer