Andrea’s Sun Routine – Morning and Evening

Founder Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph is a master at layering her skincare routine – serum, oil, moisturizer. But what does one do when the sun demands skin protection? You combine the best of both worlds: effective skincare with active ingredients and SPF.

That's why Rudolph Care has launched two new innovative sun products:

How is your sun routine, Andrea?

“Every morning, I build up my skincare routine, layer by layer. A 'basic routine' in my everyday life consists of cleansing, serum, oil, and cream. So, I thought it would be practical and mega luxurious if some of the layers also included SPF. That's why we've created the brand new Sun Face Serum SPF 30 and Sun Face Oil SPF 25. I get everything at once: many active ingredients, plenty of vitamins for the skin, care, and sun protection. When the sun is shining, and it's summer, and I'm outdoors, I cleanse, use sun serum, sun oil, and finish off with Sun Face Cream SPF 15.”

What do you do in the evening?

“In the evening, I make a big deal of cleansing my face. The skin doesn't benefit from sleeping with sunscreen. So, I start with Gentle Cleansing Foam and follow up with Firming Perfector Serum, Açai Facial Oil, and Açai Anti-stress Facial Cream. I also remember to bathe in our Shower Power to wash off the sunscreen from my body, and then I moisturize my body. I love our Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet, which contains a bit of gold shimmer, so the body looks delicious and toned. The rest of the family prefers Aftersun Repair Spray because it quickly cools down the body.”

The two new products

Sun Face Serum SPF 30
With active ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and inulin, the serum boosts the skin and makes it supple in both the short and long term. And as a serum with SPF 30, you can build up your SPF, ensuring protection against the sun's rays from the very first layer in your skincare routine. Use the serum on freshly cleansed skin.

Sun Face Oil SPF 25
This moisturizing and nourishing facial oil contains algae extract and sea buckthorn oil. It gives the skin suppleness and enriches it with plenty of vitamin C while protecting it from the sun's rays. The oil absorbs into the skin and feels light and delicate. It is ideal on top of Sun Face Serum SPF 30.