Gentle Cleansing Foam

Gentle Cleansing Foam

150 ml

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Retains moisture
Especially good for
Normal skin

How to use

Gentle Cleansing Foam

Step 1
First a bit of moisture

Moisten your face slightly. Gentle Cleansing Foam is ideal for use in the shower or bath.

Step 2
1-2 pumps

Press the pump one or twice, and distribute the soft foam between the palms of your hands. Then cleanse your face. Be careful in the sensitive eye area. The product can be used once or twice a day.

Step 3
Cleanse and add

Remove the foam with water or a damp cloth. Supplement with a facial mist, if required, and always finish off with a face cream or oil. Are you familiar with our Açai Anti-stress Facial Cream and Açai Facial Oil?


- Use Gentle Cleansing Foam for shaving. The foam becomes firmer in its consistency if you massage it between the palms of your hands for a while.

- Blend Gentle Cleansing Foam with your Açai Facial Scrub Mask for an effective, cleansing and nourishing, moisturizing and exfoliating face mask.

Gentle Cleansing Foam FAQ


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