The Sustainability Report 2021

B Corp

In January 2021, we became B Corp certified and thus we became part of a global movement of companies that seek to positively influence society and the environment as much as possible, rather than just saying it. The certification means that we are recognized for running a business that behaves properly and that is committed to making a positive difference for the green transition and in the world.

Right here we'll tell you all you need to know about B Corp.

B Corp Impact Assessment

To become B Corp certified, a company must go through an assessment and verification process, called the B Corp Impact Assessment, conducted by the nonprofit organization B Lab. Here, the entire company's business and value chain is assessed on the basis of 150 questions divided into the following five categories:

⁃ Governance

⁃ Workers

⁃ Communities

⁃ Environment

⁃ Customers

The average company will achieve 50 points in the B Corp Assessment and to achieve the B Corp certification it is required to achieve a minimum of 80 points. To remain certified, companies must review the B Corp Impact Assessment every three years and must demonstrate improvements in the various categories.


We became certified in 2021 with a score of 88.9 points. Below you can read more about how the points were distributed in the different categories.


Impact Business Model

When companies undergo a B Corp Impact Assessment, the structure of a company is assessed on whether it is designed to be able to create positive social and environmental change, which is called an Impact Business Model. Through the answers in our Impact Assessment, three Impact Business Models have been identified in the way Rudolph Care conducts business. You can read more about all three below:

Supply Chain Poverty Alleviation: This Impact Business Model is part of Rudolph Care because our business has special initiatives in place in our value chain to ensure accountability with all our suppliers.

Toxin Reduction: We manufacture products that do not harm people or the environment and our products are primarily organic and certified, which is why we help reduce toxin emissions.

Mission locked: As an overarching leg of our business model, the goal of Rudolph Care is to have a significant positive impact on society and the environment as a whole.

100 points in 2024

For our next B Corp Assessment in 2024 we have set a goal of reaching 100 points. Based on our latest B Corp Assessment, we have prepared an action plan with areas we need to improve by 2024.

Below you will find examples on how we are working to improve our score towards the next B Corp assessment:

Monitoring our greenhouse gas emissions

In order for us to reduce our CO2 emissions, we must initiate a way of monitoring our emissions. It is our ambition to measure the emissions from different aspects of the company, and we have chosen to start by measuring all emissions from our packaging as well as the activities in our head office and production facility. To this end, we have initiated the following actions:

  • Packaging: We have not yet implemented objectives and monitoring of our greenhouse gas emissions. The forthcoming life cycle assessments on all our packaging (Life Cycle Assessment, ed.) will mark the beginning of this monitoring of emissions, originating specifically from our packaging. Based on these assessments, we can set specific targets for reducing the emissions from our packaging. Read more about our life cycle assessments in the section “future packaging” here.
  • Headquarters and production facility: In addition to the life cycle assessments for our packaging, we will begin to follow the Greenhouse Gas (GhG) Protocol to measure the Greenhouse Gas emissions originating from our head office in Copenhagen and from our production facility. The protocol is a widely recognized tool for the purpose and can measure all emissions in a company’s supply chain. Read more about the Greenhouse Gas Protocol by visiting

B Beauty Coalition

In January 2022 we founded the B Corp Beauty Coalition “B Beauty” together with over 30 B Corp certified companies from the beauty industry; a coalition that will work specifically on the green transition of the beauty industry.

Through collaboration and knowledge sharing with like-minded companies in the industry, we hope to create positive sustainable change in the following areas:

Packaging: Finding more responsible solutions to packaging with a high climate impact, creating responsible and transparent supply chains while working on the development of more circular packaging systems.

Ingredients: By focusing on creating increased circularity, transparency and accountability within our value chains. The coalition will work to identify challenges related to climate change and start up projects with suppliers regarding the responsible sourcing of ingredients.

Greener Logistics: By sharing Best Practices on distribution, in order to create more circular processes.

Communication: We want to improve and increase the communication about what it means to be a certified B Corp and why the certification is important, not only for companies, but also for you as a consumer.

The coalition is in its early stages and this means that companies have great opportunities to help form the vision of the coalition’s work.

Our hope is that even more beauty B Corp companies will join our work. If you and your company are interested in becoming a part of “B Beauty”, you can fill out this registration form.

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