"World's best body lotion. It is!"

Founder Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph points out the product that she often recommends. Because it can do everything she wants a body lotion to do.

Andrea, could you recommend only one Rudolph Care product?

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph takes a deep breath. It's a challenging task. She lets her gaze glide over the shelves where the products are neatly arranged. We are in Rudolph Care's headquarters in Valby, Copenhagen, the grand villa, where the basement houses a small warehouse with all of Rudolph Care's serums, creams, shampoos, oils, balms, sunscreens, you name it. After a few minutes of contemplation, Andrea Elisabeth opens her mouth. She's not in doubt. She answers:

"Açai Body Lotion. It has been with us since 2009, and it was the most time-consuming and complicated product to develop because I had so many requirements for it. The consistency had to be just right, it had to penetrate quickly, it had to have a fantastic ability to be absorbed by the skin, and it had to have a long-lasting effect."

That's quite something…?

"Well, it's the best body lotion in the world! Done deal. It's mega-mega-rich; you might only need half the body lotion you usually use. I've used such absurdly large amounts of body lotion because I've been swimming and swimming, and my skin was so dry that my legs would flake when I walked. I know there are a few good body lotions out there. When you've applied body lotion, you shouldn't be in doubt after half an hour whether you've applied cream to your body. Then I think you've wasted your money. Many people won't throw money at a good body lotion but are willing to pay big sums for a product for the eye area. But think about it: the body should be treated just as nice as the skin around the eyes," says Andrea.

How do you get the most out of... The world's best body lotion?

"You start by rubbing your feet; 'Hello, tired feet, you're so sweet, you carry me, and hey, ankle joint works, and those are some pretty nice ankles after all.' Then the legs, 'Such lovely and strong calves we have here; thank you! And, mmm, soft thighs and buttocks, thank you, too! Enjoy yourself and your cream. Give yourself some love while you moisturize.'"

That sounds like a good plan. We're off for today, heading to the bathroom to slather ourselves in Açai Body Lotion. See you!