Interview: Take care of your skin in the spring sun

Our skin has been hiding under layers of clothes throughout winter, so we’re looking forward to finally feeling the sun’s warmth once again. The colder months can be harsh on our skin, which may be needing some extra care when the warm weather returns. We have spoken to our skin care expert, Camilla Schjelderup, who shares her advice on how to take care of our skin and prepare it for the spring sun.

Are there products that are especially good for our skin when the weather starts getting warmer? Should you adjust your skin care routine to the new season?

“As the weather starts getting warmer, our skin tends to produce more sebum. It is not always necessary to replace all your winter products if they are giving you the results you want. However, with the increased sebum production in the skin, there are benefits from switching to lighter products as the skin no longer needs to be protected from the cold. Sun Face Cream can replace your usual day cream in the summer – full of antioxidants, nourishment, and sun protection, and great to combine with a serum or oil.”

Should I use sun cream every day, even on days when I won’t be sitting directly in the sun?

“During winter in the Nordic countries, the sun is very low in the sky, and it is therefore not necessary with sun protection. When the sun is more prominent and higher in the sky, it is important to protect yourself with SPF. It is especially important when you are close to the ocean or in snow. UV-rays damage the skin’s collagen fibers and sun factor is an easy way to protect yourself against early signs of aging.”

How can I determine which SPF is right?

“Ask yourself; how well do I tolerate the sun? How much time will I be spending in the sun, and at what time of the day? Check the UV index for the area you will be in – if it’s high and are you going to be outside all day, I would recommend SPF50 for the face. If you’re just going to a café after work and enjoying a bit of afternoon sun, then SPF15 or SPF30 could be enough. The most important thing to remember is to use the right amount of sun cream – that way, you are sure to be protected as much as the product indicates. Sun Stick SPF50 is your best friend and fits in any pocket. It can quickly help if you find yourself spending more time in the sun than you first thought.”

Can you use your sun cream from last year?

“If the sun cream is unopened, you can check the best before date either at the top or bottom of your Rudolph Care sun product. If it’s before the best by date and unopened, you can use the sun cream within the timeframe. Has the sun cream already been opened; it will be good until six months after opening. It’s important to not use old sun cream, as it can’t be guaranteed that the sun filters are still working. So, note the date that you open your sun cream, and swap it out if it hasn’t been used within the six months.”