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10 tips for life under the sun

In 2024, Rudolph Care's sun series celebrates its 10th anniversary. So, this summer we are celebrating a decade of merging sunscreen and innovative skincare, as the philosophy behind our sun products is that they should be filled with nourishment, hydration and active ingredients.


Sunday Edit: Andrea’s joy in the grey

It's grey, cold, and slushy on the other side of the windows – at least here in Denmark, the place of Rudolph Care’s headquarters. But, if there's one thing we can't change, it's the weather and the season. Instead of lamenting it, Rudolph Care’s founder, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, turns it around: How can we derive the most joy from the many shades of grey? She provides a handful of ideas.


Sunday Edit: Adventures in nature – a journey of self-discovery

The last time we met the two childhood friends from Southern Jutland, photographer Mads Schmidt Rasmussen and boarding school teacher Jens Jakob Ellegaard Petersen, they had returned from Lofoten and were embarking on new adventures with their surfboards leading the way, down under in Australia. Now, they are back in the Northern Hemisphere, taking a moment to reflect in the summer sun before the world and the wild nature they cannot live without ,calls on them once again. Because when the sun is shining, you must go out. And preferably, far out.


Sunday Edit: La Dolce Vita – Marie Worsaae’s Summer Living

Meet Marie Worsaae, creative consultant at Rudolph Care, esthetician and connoisseur of the good life. Marie looks to Italy for inspiration, a country she visits as often as possible. Rudolph Care caught up with Marie for a chat about what summer means to her, how to create magical memories in good company and with good ingredients, and how we can all bring a little piece of Italy to the north.


Sunday Edit: Knowledge is your most important factor in the sun

This summer, Rudolph Care have partnered with the Danish skin experts at Hudkræftklinikken (Skin Cancer Clinic), so that together with you, we can become even more knowledgeable about the skin during and after a day in the sun. Read our interview with dermatologist Martin Glud, who shares his best advice on how to be safe and best protect your skin under the sun. Take a step into the shade – and read what the expert says. Your warm summer skin will thank you for listening.


All about sun protection

Hans Christian Andersen said it so well: “Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” It is precisely our love for the sun and everything that grows freely beneath it – including you, your children and the sea you swim in – that lies at the heart of our aim to produce the best sun protection in the world for both people and the environment.


Certified sun protection - also for men

Our sun series is good for your skin – and for our planet. All our sun products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which guarantees that both your health and our planet have been taken into consideration. Our sun series is made without ingredients that are proven hormone disruptive and doesn’t contain the 26 allergenic perfumes that EU recommends avoiding. Therefore, our sun series is also coral friendly.


Sunday Edit: Wave hunting and midnight sun

Two childhood friends from Aabenraa, photographer Mads Schmidt Rasmussen and schoolteacher Jens Jakob Ellegaard Petersen packed a converted van with equipment and 10 packs of rye bread and drove up to the northern archipelago of Lofoten in Norway. The weather forecast determined whether it was going to be a day for surfing, snowboarding or hiking boots.