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Lips by Rudolph Care

Meet Andrea, Josephine and Marie, also known as Lips by Rudolph Care.

Lips by Rudolph Care is balm and gloss in one. A product with intense care as its main priority, combining 100% natural nourishment, care and softness, a subtly tinted, glossy look and two certifications that consider the health of you, nature and the environment in a complete life cycle.

Actually, Lips by Rudolph Care is for a fact the first series of lipgloss to ever combine both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Ecocert Cosmos Organic.

Andrea, Josephine & Marie

The founder of Rudolph Care, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, found her inspiration for the lip gloss shades in her own lip product preference.

Josephine is transparently rose, Andrea has a red glow, and Marie enriches your lips with a vibrant, pink berry color. A shared trait is the glosses’ ability to emphasize, enhance and merge with your own natural beauty.

Lips by Rudolph Care is made entirely without synthetic color, perfume and preservatives, uniquely balancing natural ingredients from saltwort extract, oils from raspberry and pomegranate seeds, beeswax and açai oil – among many other.

Ingredients that protect and nourishe the lips with the effect of an intense lip serum and the looks of a luxurious gloss.

Lips by Rudolph Care | Josephine

DKK 245

Lips by Rudolph Care | Andrea

DKK 245
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Lips Kit | Josephine & Marie

DKK 395

Many are fond of the To the Rescue Lip Balm we already have in the range. But we are all different – and my good friend, Josephine, always fetched some other lip product from their purse. So, I decided to make a better product and started out with her as a test person,” tells Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, as she has named the glosses after women who are dear to her.

Marie, the newest lipgloss in the series, is named after my vibrant and glowing grandmother” tells Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph who named the gloss with the red-golden hue after herself.

We hope that you will give Lips by Rudolph Care a warm welcome. We’ve created them just for you and your lips - as natural as they are.