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Andrea (02) is a lip balm and lip gloss that combines intense nourishment and care with a red glow and a moisturized and glossy look. With its high content of organic shea butter, pomegranate seed oil and açai berries, this lip gloss has the same nourishing properties as a lip serum. A touch of natural color has been added to Andrea (02) to highlight and emphasize your lips.

Lips by Rudolph Care sets a completely new standard for care and lip gloss – and is the first of its kind to combine the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Ecocert Cosmos Organic certification. It is 100% natural, with no perfumes, preservatives or synthetic coloring – with nourishment and care as its first priority.

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More information about Andrea (02)


Andrea is rich in oils from raspberry and pomegranate seeds, honey extract, shea butter, saltwort extract, beeswax and açai oil, which in combination create the best effect a lip product can have: well-groomed lips – now and in the long term. The product also has a brilliant gloss effect from the natural ingredients as well as a discreet red tone to highlight the natural color of your lips.


Andrea is perfume-free. That is why the product only smells of the ingredients it contains. All Rudolph Care lip products are 100% perfume-free.


Andrea has a red tone that highlights and emphasizes the natural color of your lips. All Lips products are 100% natural and combine the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Ecocert Cosmos Organic certifications which set good and important limitations on the use of emulsifiers. That is why you may find that your gloss has marbled slightly in its packaging. This has no impact on the benefit or care of the product, and it usually disappears when you use your gloss regularly and increase circulation in the packaging. Think of the natural marbling as your guarantee that what you are putting on your lips does not contain suspected harmful chemicals, but instead lovingly cares for your body and for nature.


When Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph developed Lips by Rudolph Care, she wanted to create a product that was neither sticky nor dry on the lips. That is why Andrea is a soft, moisturizing, non-stick lip gloss that you can take anywhere.


Andrea carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Ecocert Cosmos Organic certifications which guarantee your health as well as that of your natural surroundings in a full life cycle. Find out more about our certifications here.

How to use Lips by Rudolph Care

Lips by Rudolph Care is easy to use; simply apply to your lips using the applicator.

A great tip: Exfoliate your lips using Açai Facial Scrub Mask once a week when you are exfoliating your face anyway. It removes dead skin cells, provides lips with its intense nourishment and moisture – and makes them silky soft and ready to smile, laugh and kiss.

Lips by Rudolph Care combines the intense nourishment, softness and care of a lip serum with a discreet color that draws attention without stealing the show. I love all the versions, and I’m very proud of the result.

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, founder of Rudolph Care

Lips by Rudolph Care FAQ


We have now introduced you to the Andrea (02) lip gloss and told you everything you need to know. But just in case, here is a summary:

Andrea (02)...

  • Cares for, nourishes, protects and strengthens your lips with a unique combination of natural ingredients.
  • Contains a subtle red tone and provides your lips with gloss.
  • Contains no preservatives, is perfume-free, contains only natural coloring which is food-grade standard – and, as the first lip gloss in the world, carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Ecocert Cosmos Organic certifications.