The Sustainability Report 2021


A good workplace with room for all is sustainable.

On this page we'll tell you about the ambitions for everyday life at Rudolph Care.

Diversity and representation

During autumn of 2021, we implemented an internal diversity working group that will work across the company with the implementation of initiatives that should make Rudolph Care a more inclusive workplace.

In 2020 we began adding the following message to all of our job postings because we wish to increase the proportion of both applicants and employees from under-represented groups in society:

We want to actively increase the diversity and representation at Rudolph Care. And we hope that you - regardless of your personal identity, ethnicity, age, religion, gender identity, sexuality, skin color and political beliefs, want to apply for a job with us. You are utmost welcome.

We acknowledge that it is not a big step but it is still a step in our further work to create a more inclusive workplace.

Our diversity working group consists of employees from different professional areas within the organization. The diversity working group discusses and works with the visual and communicative strategy of Rudolph Care to ensure representation. We are constantly working on and wish to reflect that Rudolph Care is for everyone. Among many other things, the diversity working group also discusses how we can emphasize and celebrate holidays and events in the most inclusive ways. Our work with diversity doesn't have a final goal and is an ongoing process where we can always improve and do more. If you wish to share your input with us, you are always welcome to reach out at

LGBT+ Denmark

As a company, we have a responsibility to create an environment where all of our employees thrive. Unfortunately, many LGBT + people often experience significantly declined well-being in their workplace, compared to the general population. A survey shows that 27% of respondents cannot be fully open in their workplace and 38% sometimes, often or always formulate themselves in such a way that their LGBT+ identity is not "revealed".

Through our membership with LGBT + Denmark, we support their work to create equal rights, opportunities and well-being for LGBT+ people in Denmark. The membership gives us the opportunity to get help, knowledge and inspiration on how to work with LGBT + inclusion, so that we can gain more experience on the conditions of LGBT+ people and tools for working with LGBT + inclusion at Rudolph Care. Specifically, the membership gives us access to meetings with representatives from LGBT+ Denmark about LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace, annual network meetings with presentations from experts, knowledge sharing from other companies and a hotline with LGBT + Denmark.

If a membership could be of interest to your workplace you can read more about LGBT+ Denmark and find a link to register here.

Work environment & well-being

We have high ambitions for our products, and the same goes for Rudolph Care as a workplace. That is why it is important that we as a company create an environment where our employees can flourish. For that reason all employees are offered health insurance, just as we offer full pay during maternity leave for up to a full year, regardless of gender.

At Rudolph Care, we all pull together. We have come a long way since our early days of entrepreneurship. We have organized our internal processes, defining and dividing tasks between us, and are constantly working to strengthen our business. Our fundamental belief that we are a team and will always do what we can to improve cooperation applies to our work every single day.

It is our shared responsibility to take good care of ourselves and of Rudolph Care. Our ambition is to be a happy workplace where employees thrive and are met with exciting tasks that both challenge and develop personal growth as well as individual skillsets.

Training and the development of employees and managers is an important focus area at Rudolph Care. It is essential to have the right skills to match the job. To maintain and develop our entire team with indispensable as well as inspirational knowledge, we occasionally pause our daily work to hold internal and external workshops.

Well-being and job satisfaction are vital to the values ​​on which Rudolph Care is built. We want to practice what we preach by offering a workplace that encourages a healthy lifestyle – from health insurance to nutritious lunch arrangements to offers of voluntary, communal exercise.

As a B CORP organization, Rudolph Care’s operations are based on transparency, trust and shared responsibility. This applies to our products and to our brand, but also to how we work together – and individually. Freedom under responsibility is an important value in our culture which we cherish and live by every single day.

We place great emphasis on having an ongoing close dialogue between managers and employees. But at the same time, we acknowledge the importance of conducting structured employee development interviews which are held annually.

We have a work environment committee consisting of one employee and one management representative. The purpose of the committee is to continuously come up with improvement proposals on the work environment alongside formulating the method for our annual workplace assessment and the employee satisfaction survey which lays the ground for our workplace assessment.

Our 2021 Employee Satisfaction Survey identified different strengths and weaknesses of Rudolph Care based on our employees' responses. Among other things, our strengths were identified as the low risk of being exposed to abusive acts, and that our employees generally feel supported in their work. Our internal communication is an area where it was pointed out we have room for improvement which we will work to improve over the coming time. Our overall score came to 3.2 out of 4. Our ambition is obviously to reach 4.

100% waste sorting in House of Rudolph Care

It is important for us that the working environment at Rudolph Care embraces the same values ​​as our products and that’s why we have implemented complete waste sorting at our head office in Valby, Copenhagen. We hope that initiatives like these can inspire our employees to also remember to sort their waste at home.

Sustainability Working Group

Alongside the establishment of our diversity working group in 2021 we also launched an internal sustainability group, consisting of Rudolph Care employees across the entire company. The working group was founded based on a desire to involve all departments in our journey with sustainability work and create a forum where the entire company can provide inputs and suggestions for new sustainability initiatives at Rudolph Care. With the working group, we hope to be able to engage many employees in our work in the field and share many new insights.