Which oil is best for your skin?

"Which oil suits my skin – and why are oils so good? What happens in my skin, and how much oil is actually enough?"

Our Rudolph Care skincare expert, Camilla Schjelderup, answers your questions on this page.

How do I find the right oil for my skin?

Choosing a facial oil for your skin isn’t really that difficult. First of all, make sure to choose one without mineral oils, make sure it’s clean – and ask yourself the question; What am I looking for to feel and improve in my skin?

What do oils do for my skin?

On your skin, oils give amazing suppleness, freshness and that super soft surface. It strengthens your lipid barrier and will give your skin that longed-for glow.

The difference between Açai Facial Oil and Facial Oil Delight?

"Facial Oil Delight is an ultra-light oil, it melts on your skin, leaving it soft and supple without a greasy residue. Açai Facial Oil is created by but one main ingredient: açai. It’s uniquely packed with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids that will give you an amazing feel and glow. It’s a must-try.

Can I use facial oil if I have oily skin?

Oily skin can definitely benefit from trying a facial oil. I’d choose our Facial Oil Delight. You don’t necessarily need to use it every day – just try and apply it at nighttime a few times a week. The anti-inflammatory properties in oils can really benefit oily skin.

How do I get started with a facial oil in my routine?

So, if you’re completely new to oils, I would, as always, recommend applying it to freshly cleansed skin. Use just a little bit the first time and find your balance as you immerse a new product into your routine. Some find joy in using oils in the nighttime only – so that’s a place to start. If you have very dry skin, your skin will benefit from the oil straight away.

How do I apply facial oil - and how much should I use?

"Do not use a lot – a small drop only. Warm it gently between your palms, distribute it all over your face and take your time to really feel what is happening as you glide that beautiful oil over your skin. And remember – always do it on clean skin."

Do I have to use facial cream along with my facial oil? Or can I use it as it is?

"You can use facial oil on its own, but most of us would need a bit more protection and extra care – especially in wintertime. For extra care you can add a layer of facial cream on top of your facial oil - but it’s really up to you."

3 reasons why oils are so popular skincare ingredients?

"Firstly, oils have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Secondly, it strengthens your skin’s natural elasticity. And thirdly, oils effectively seal moisture and nourishment in your skin."

Are facial oils good on teenage skin?

"All teens can successfully use Rudolph Care’s oils. However, it might not be that very young skin needs our oils. Moisture Delight is a highly popular facial cream among teens – otherwise, you can always seek advice with us at so we can figure out just the right skincare for the teen skin you have in mind."

Body oils

What's the difference between Body Oil and Golden Kiss Body Oil?

"Those two body oils are actually exactly the same. They are both made from the same five beautiful oils. However, in the Golden Kiss Body Oil we’ve added mica, which is a natural, shimmering mineral. So when you apply it, you get the most amazing golden shimmer on your body. Just remember to shake it well before use so the mica distributes evenly in the oil before you apply it."

How do I distinguish between body oil, lotion and balm?

Okay, this is a tough one to explain short, considering my love for all of them. I’ll give it a go. Açai Body Balm – it’s the product you use when you have that bit of extra time for creating a luxury moment by massaging a body product thoroughly into your skin. Açai Body Lotion is for fantastic results in no time. Perfect for the busy or impatient ones. There’s no greasiness – just amazingly moisturized skin. Body Oil is for when you’re a bit lazy, like me, and you crave that oily feeling without the rich stickiness. Perfect right after a shower.

I adore these three body heroes, and I really couldn’t be without either of them.

Is there an ideal time of year for using oils?

There are really no rules I can tie to that question. I’d say all year, but listen to your skin. Become your own skin expert. You might want to change your routine a bit from winter to summer, but there’s no rule for when you can use oils.