Rudolph Care & Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen to collect waste

Denmark produces far too much waste – we create the most waste per inhabitant in the whole of the EU. As much as 845 kg per Dane. Every year several hundred tons of waste end up in the natural environment.

Many people are supporting the Waste Collection Campaign (Affaldsindsamlingen) which will be taking place from 28 March to 3 April. This year, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation has had a record 220,000 people sign up for the campaign. At Rudolph Care, we are also donning our garden gloves again this year and dedicating a working day to collecting waste – this year in the company of Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen.

Find out more below about how you can help collect waste.

Why collect waste?

Rudolph Care and Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen have teamed up in a joint waste collection effort because we all want to protect our surroundings – and especially the natural environment that is harmed when it is subjected to plastic bottles, face masks, cigarette butts, tins, paper and whatever else.

This year, the Waste Collection Campaign will be focusing on the disposable coffee cup. In Denmark alone, we use 130 million disposable coffee cups a year, and this is one of the types of plastic that is most often found in nature. The cups are either made of plastic or plastic-coated cardboard and are a good example of the disposable packaging that we use in record quantities here in Denmark.

Discarded rubbish is a serious problem for the natural environment. It ends up being eaten by animals, finding its way out into the sea and contributing to plastic soup, areas with a high concentration of plastic that damages living organisms. It seeps down into our eco systems and pollutes our water environment when it is broken down into microplastic.

In partnership with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation and Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen, we dream of waste collection trips where we do not find as much as one discarded plastic bottle because waste is handled correctly and with an eye for recycling – for the benefit of the natural environment and the climate. But we are not there yet. This is why the Danish Society for Nature Conservation Waste Collection Campaign 2022 is needed again this year.

Participate in the Danish Society for Nature Conservation Waste Collection Campaign from 28 March to 3 April 2022 – you still have time to sign up to an existing collection in your local area until 3 April.

Find public collections in your local area right here.

Find out more about the Danish Society for Nature Conservation Waste Collection Campaign 2022 here.

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