The Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals represent a common global responsibility for a more sustainable future.

All the goals are intertwined and so it takes an integrated approach across all of them to reach each goal and their sub-goals.

Below we'll tell you about which goals we're working with.

All 17 goals deserve attention and action and in Rudolph Care we are working towards all of them to the extent that it is possible for us, but no one can do everything. In 2019, we took part in the UN’s SDG Accelerator programme that helps companies implement the SDGs in their endeavors. The programme helped us identify the SDGs and their sub-goals where we, through our work, have the opportunity to make the most positive difference in the world around us. They act as our “checklist” in ensuring that the development of our company is in balance with the overall defined goals for sustainable development.