Sunday Edit: Andrea’s joy in the grey

It's grey, cold, and slushy on the other side of the windows – at least here in Denmark, the place of Rudolph Care’s headquarters. But, if there's one thing we can't change, it's the weather and the season. Instead of lamenting it, Rudolph Care’s founder, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, turns it around: How can we derive the most joy from the many shades of grey? She provides a handful of ideas.

Why are you preoccupied with the grey?

“We spend much time regretting the weather and longing for the perfect weather, the crisp, clear frosty days. It creates a fundamental dissatisfaction. But in our part of the world, it's just dark, cold, wet, and grey at this time of year. It's our reality. I want to challenge the grey instead of just dismissing it. What can we use the grey for?”

Have you figured out what we can use the grey for?

“First and foremost, it's about trying to shift your thoughts. There are many tones of grey, and they can all be beautiful. I can appreciate that when I go for a walk, discovering the many grey nuances out there.”

How can one redirect one's thoughts?

“Fake it till you make it. Winter bathing is a good example. You can jump into the cold water, tense up, shake your whole body, squeal, and gasp. It might not necessarily be an enjoyable experience. Or you can choose to breathe deeply and calmly and tell yourself, 'Yes, it's cold, and that's okay, and I'll be up in a moment.' I don't jump into the water; I slide into it. I love how the cold water envelops the entire body, and I try to make my body soft and melt into the water.”

What thoughts do you have about life in the time of winter?

“Just as we women have a cycle, we live in a cycle that changes with the seasons. But we're bad at adjusting to it. Maybe we can't perform the same in winter as we can in summer? Think about how many animals gather supplies and hibernate in winter. We need to remember to be kind to ourselves. We can ask ourselves: What is the cold and dark time for? Maybe it's for a slower life, where it's okay to huddle? Perhaps it's time for different and new communities centered around winter bathing and sauna sessions. Maybe there aren't as many things on the agenda as there usually are.”

What do you prioritize in winter?

“I spend time moving and making soups. There's something about getting warmed up from the inside and then going to bed early to read books. I enjoy wearing wool, hats, undershirts, socks, and a hot water bottle under the duvet. When the sun finally shines, I try to soak up the rays. I sit in a quiet place and absorb Vitamin D.”