Sunday Edit: Signs of Spring

The crispness, light and ease of spring ensure we blossom in step with the growing season. Rudolph Care has spoken with Fanny Morel, communications manager at Oh My Cream, Awa Malina Stelter, co-founder and designer of Operasport, and creative producer Emilie Guldbrandsen about how they welcome the season into their everyday lives and beauty routines – as well as where in Paris and Copenhagen they enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine.

Fanny Morel, @cheesymagazine

Spring is blooming. How do you welcome the new season?

“By escaping from Paris to the countryside. Breathing the fresh air, re-wearing trench coats (and fur slippers all day) and enjoying the season’s first flea markets and outside-lunches with friends. Just an hour or two outside of Paris, I highly recommend Le Moulin, Maison Ceronne and Le domaine de Primard, the latter is the former home of the French actress Catherine Deneuve, now remodeled into a chic and peaceful hotel.”

Describe your ideal spring day in Paris.

“Saturday is always my favorite. I usually start with an early morning walk around Place des Vosges. It’s so beautiful when it’s empty; it’s like having your own private garden. Then I love to do a Riise Yoga class (perfect way to sweat and energize my body,) before an oyster lunch on the terrace at Sur Mer or Les Enfants du Marché
(at Le Marché Des Enfants Rouge), which is always busy but the vibe is unique. The best way to enjoy Le Marais is with a glass of Pet Nat (french natural wine) and oysters. I love to shop at Merci, The Frankie Shop and Oh My Cream where I get all my lovely, clean skincare products. Spring is also my favorite season for flowers. I can’t imagine my Sunday brunch table without the mimosas or colorful tulips that I buy at Castor Fleuriste or Moor. Setting up a beautiful table with ceramics I’ve collected on my travels, welcoming friends and sharing a good, homemade meal is my fuel; it’s pure joy.”

What’s your best tip for a dewy spring glow?

“I drink celery juice every morning (from Cave and Coconut or Wild & the moon), exfoliate my face once a week with Rudolph Care Açai Facial Scrub Mask followed by Gentle Cleansing Foam
and use SPF every day. I also have a facial as often as I can. I really love the Renew Cellular treatment by Cible Skin Paris. It uses radiofrequency, jet peeling and cryotherapy techniques to leave my skin plump and glowing.”

Awa Malina Stelter, @awamalina

What makes you bloom in spring? And what makes you happy?

“My family and fresh flowers make me happy. And I love the first sunny spring days. I have so much more energy when the days become longer and brighter.”

Describe the perfect spring day for you and your family

“Simple, but above all sunny. A trip to the park, the market or an exhibition, followed by a bite to eat in the spring warmth.”

Do you have a particular skincare tip for the season?

“I always use light and nourishing creams in the spring, as well as an eye cream to prevent sun damage.”

Emilie Guldbrandsen, @emilieguldbrandsen

Spring has finally sprung. How do you welcome the season of light?

“In the early hours of morning, I slowly rise from under my warm duvet, open the bedroom patio door and let in the cool morning air before jumping back under the sheets again. It’s one of the most magical things about spring: the morning air, still cold, yet warmer. Besides that, by eating lots of colorful food. Green asparagus. Red rhubarb. Brilliant green wild garlic. Crisp, red radishes. The first spring vegetables always taste heavenly. We also pick lilacs from our secret bush to decorate the dining table and release a beautiful scent into the room. That is spring to me.”

Where do you and your family go to enjoy the spring sun?

“We go out as much as possible, packing our cargo bike with blankets and snacks to cycle off on long trips. We often head towards the forest or the sea, where the seasons are more pronounced than in the city. We enjoy spring in the little pockets of everyday life, like when I drop off my daughter at her nursery in the forest in the morning. We cycle a little slower to take in nature and enjoy watching the leaves change from neon to dark green. We eat dinner outside with good friends, wine, and cozy knits. We enjoy that the days offer a little more than dinner at six o’clock before heading off to bed.”

What gives you a dewy spring glow?

“The light. Bike rides. Finally turning the central heating down. A good facial oil and Rudolph Care's Marie lip gloss on my cheeks also help.”