Sunday Edit: La Dolce Vita – Marie Worsaae’s Summer Living

Meet Marie Worsaae, creative consultant at Rudolph Care, esthetician and connoisseur of the good life. Marie looks to Italy for inspiration, a country she visits as often as possible. Rudolph Care caught up with Marie for a chat about what summer means to her, how to create magical memories in good company and with good ingredients, and how we can all bring a little piece of Italy to the north.

What does summer mean to you?

“Long days without plans. For me, summer is also an opportunity to embrace boredom. Summer is synonymous with having days without plans so I can ‘feel’ what I want to do. I don’t mean boredom in the literal sense. Having less outside stimulus gives me space to enjoy, discover and just be. When I travel abroad it’s important for me to be close to the sea and lingering horizons. It’s meditative for me.”

What is it about the Italian summer that you love so much?

“I like the constant heat and sun, and the relationships I have forged with the people I know there. The blue of the sea and the scent of helichrysum flowers are the essence of summer. Italians have a knack for being loving and caring, which makes me feel so happy. They have a presence and a poetry that nourishes my soul. It softens me. The food tastes a little better and I enjoy the sweetness of everyday life, where one day flows into the next and is filled with conversations about the world, travels and experiences. It feels a bit like reading a novel that enlightens you. I’m more attuned to my curiosity when I travel, my personal experiences and those of others. I’d like to have that same level of curiosity at home but am often already filled up with family and friends.”

How do you bring that atmosphere home to your everyday life?

“I surround myself with colors and people who are warm and open – and try to use nature as much as possible. I bathe when I can; it’s hard to beat the feeling of the sun rays on my skin after a swim. But the cold light in Denmark doesn't have the same effect on me as the warm light in the south.”

How do you meet new acquaintances when you travel?

“Sometimes I travel alone. Although it may sound lonely, it’s not and I come home with so many good memories. I’m welcomed with open arms into families, perhaps because I’m a solo traveler. Even though I probably embarrass myself, I always try to speak the local language and show humility and interest for the country I’m in. I’m open to learning, which almost always results in something positive. I’m also pretty good at trusting my gut when I meet others. I know instinctively when it’s good for me, so I’m not particularly skeptical about meeting new people. Instead, I lean into the positives.”

What’s always in your fridge in summer?

“Watermelon, lemon, olives, pasta, herbs, tonic for gin, capers and anchovies. I love salty and sour foods.”

Your top tips for creating magical summer dinners for guests?

“Few yet flavorsome, quality ingredients. Keep it simple—you don’t want to end up stressed. And ask guests to lend a hand, the majority love to help.”

Your three beauty favorites for the summer holidays?

“A Hint of Summer – The Classic, Açai Facial Oil and Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet. Three products that give the loveliest summer glow.”

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