Sunday Edit: Tea with Mette & Andrea

I love tea. Tea gives me a feeling of doing something good for my body. Good tea lowers my pulse and sends my stressful thoughts to yoga with the soul. That’s why it was only natural for me to knock on the door of Mette Marie Kjær, founder of Sing Tehus, who is just nerdy about herbs, origins, nature, sustainability and social responsibility as I am. Fortunately, she let me into her world, and into the traditions and science behind a completely new tea blend," says Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph of Rudolph Care's new and warming collaboration with Mette Marie Kjær of Sing Tehus.

I have never created a tea with anything other than my own senses as a guide."

The new tea, Calm & Connected, is made from green tea and Nordic ingredients, and based on the values that the two founders share: quality of life, self-care, enjoyment and immersion. Mette also instantly realized the kinship between Sing Tehus, tea and Rudolph Care:

I have never created a tea with anything other than my own senses as a guide. But it felt logical to create a new variant with Andrea. We have followed each other since we both began creating our brands, so I already knew a lot about the philosophy behind Rudolph Care. At Sing Tehus, we work in the same field when it comes to quality of life and taking the time to be good to yourself. Andrea and I are both direct and objective, so we've geeked out. Chosen with open eyes. Pushed each other and have been diligent. We have also taken our time. That's how it is with tea. You have to make an effort.

Green tea in Nordic climes

If you are wondering how the Nordic flora has its place among ancient Asian traditions, it is worth noting that oftentimes the vitamins and minerals we absorb best are those found under our own skies. Green tea from Asia is even better for us when served together with ingredients that grow close to home. In the nature we know. It was important for Andrea to incorporate the Nordics in the tea, making Mette’s task easy to approach.

"The Nordic countries absolutely have a place in teamaking. The ingredients are right outside the door and are fantastic to work with. They remind us that we still have a nature that contains everything we need. Flowers and herbs spring up in the Nordic kitchen — and are used for so much more than decoration, for tea, for instance."

For Andrea, the love of nature means the wilder the better:

I love being outside in all kinds of weather. The older I get, the more I need to get outdoors. I want to go out. Out into the nature I am a part of. I don't need to travel the world over and over again to find my adventures. I still love to travel, but the distance to peace has become shorter. It’s good for me to be out in the Nordic nature.

Delicate flavors with Nordic strength

Directly from the Nordic garden, the new Calm & Connected tea consists of rosehip, chamomile flower, licorice root and elderflower together with green tea. All delicately balanced and from the nature that both Mette and Andrea wish to honor.

I like to be able to see what is in my tea. In whole, large pieces, my favorites float around in a delicate green tea that is discernible without being overpowering. Rose hip represents summers spent at the beach. The scent of elderberry, my ultimate spring harbinger and favorite. The soft chamomile flower is accentuated by a hint of licorice root, like a note in minor hidden in the cup. The result is a simple and calm tea. Full of the promise of a Nordic summer, mild evenings and calm mornings bathed in light,” says Andrea longingly.

We owe it to those who have gone to the trouble of growing and harvesting the ingredients to pay attention to the tea when we drink it."

Mette and Andrea agree that Calm & Connected is a new classic. A pure, mild and warming Rudolph Care tea that is good for you — and elicits the same indulging calm as when you smear yourself in cream. Just on the inside.

That is exactly why Mette and Andrea are now inviting everyone to tea.

We owe it to those who have gone to the trouble of growing and harvesting the ingredients to pay attention to the tea when we drink it. When we do that, we are also attentive and caring to ourselves,” concludes Mette.

Calm & Connected

1. Add a tea spoonful of tea leaves to an 80°C cup of hot water/2 tea spoonfuls for a teapot.

2. Let the tea infuse for 2-3 minutes in the strainer.

3. Cold brew: Let the tea infuse for min. 2/max. 48 hours.

You can read more about Mette and her world of tea at

Mette Marie Kjær:

We work to find the tea farmers who welcome nature into their tea fields. Insects, flowers, wild grasses, free-ranging ducks, chickens and even snakes create biodiversity, colors and life.