Sunday Edit: Winter Mind

The cold winter weather call for calmness, awareness, selfcare and good habits that keep you in balance and make you glow. We've asked holistic body therapist & psychiatric nurse, Thea Sofie Munch, fitness coach, Nonkoh Kallon – and our Winter Glow model and psychotherapist, Yasmin Kazemi, how they start the new year, embrace the winter weather and fill their energy depot with meaningful moments, glow and joy.

Winter can be a time of reflection. What is important to you when a new year begins?

“The most important thing for me is to look back on the past year with gratitude for what it has brought me — both positive and negative. I am very ritualistic around the New Year, and my husband and I always take a dip in the sea on December 31. I feel that I am washing away the previous year and taking an enjoyable, calm step into the new.”

How do you create a caring space for focus on you during winter?

“My mornings are sacred. I prioritize getting up early so that I can go for a long walk with my dog, light candles, listen to the radio, drink tea, eat a proper breakfast and get ready at a leisurely pace. It sets the tone for the day.”

Do you have a particular skincare tip for the season?

“First of all, I moisturize from the inside with plenty of water and nutritional oils. I also know my limitations. A couple of times a year I’ll go for a facial to cleanse and moisturize my skin deeply.”

Nonkoh Kallon

What are the bright spots for you when winter feels long and dark?

“Winter is something special and I think we have to be careful not to give it a negative connotation. Besides being a countdown to summer, winter gives us many opportunities. There is a lot of dopamine on offer outside: winter swimming and saunas are probably my favorite bright spots. It’s very different in winter than summer. Walks in the winter forest are also very special — especially when the snow has fallen. I also love to exercise outdoors. It’s always great when the weather is challenging and you really have to dig deep and access your #noexcuses mentality.”

What are your tips for rosy cheeks and a twinkle in the eyes on cold winter days?

“Start winter swimming. Start with five seconds in the water and slowly build from there. Hanging with a flask of hot coffee or tea and a friend after a dip is also special. Winter swimming leaves you feeling invincible – in both mind and body.”

How do you create a caring space for focus on you during winter?

“I'm at home much more in the winter than in the summer. I think that's cozy. Something as simple as candles create a relaxed atmosphere at home. In the winter, I can also spend a little more time on being present, cooking, reading books and immersing myself in other stuff.”

Yasmin Kazemi

How do you embrace the winter weather and refuel body and mind on cold days?

“For many years I’ve felt heavy when winter approaches and the darkness takes over the light. I’ve tried to fight against the cold. I have a tiresome urge to get everything done and ignore my body's signals. The arrival of winter is a loving invitation to take it slower. When the cold hits my body, I am reminded to embrace it. Pilates grounds me, keeping me in the present. I protect myself from the frost with wool, I slow cook meals and I retreat to the den to immerse myself in a book.”

Winter can be a time of reflection. What is important to you when a new year begins?

“This year I have made big decisions leading up to the new year. I have chosen to listen to myself and take new steps both in both my career and my private life. I quit my job, my dream career as a therapist, and for the first time in a long while I have felt the love and feeling of family with my partner. This has led to an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and a trembling in my body. As unnerving as it is, it makes me feel alive. I get to clean up my life and open up to whatever adventures the new year brings.”

Do you have any skincare tips for glow in your cheeks on grey January days?

“Moisture, moisture and more moisture! I spend a lot of time slathering myself in oil after bathing. I use Açai Facial Cream and add a few drops of A Hint of Summer so that my skin is ready for winter with a beautiful glow.”