The Sustainability Report 2021

The future

Our work with creating more sustainable initiatives at Rudolph Care is an ongoing process and below you can find timelines of what we achieved in 2021 and what the rest of 2022 and onwards will bring at Rudolph Care.

What happened at Rudolph Care in 2021?

  • We obtained the B Corp certification.

  • Initiated life cycle assessments on all our packaging.

  • Developed a 400 ml bottle in 100% recycled PET plastic for two of our sun products and our Açai Body Lotion Limited Edition.

  • Became a member of LGBT + Denmark and supported their youth activities.

  • Formulated our overall work with and support for selected organizations.

  • Implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct with all our suppliers.

  • Continued our ongoing review of non-organic, natural raw materials with a prospect to possibly replace them with organic alternatives.

  • Continued our first social project in Brazil.

  • Initiation of a project based on our current packaging types where we try to increase the amount of recycled materials.

  • Initiation of a concrete packaging project based on a surplus product from nature.

Planned initiatives for 2022 and beyond

  • Continue our work on increasing transparency in our value chain.

  • Launch of our packaging project based on a surplus product from nature.

  • Publish our first sustainability report.

  • Develop a plan for reducing energy consumption at the House of Rudolph Care.

  • Continue our work with finding packaging alternatives.

  • Prepare a plan for the general CO2 reduction at Rudolph Care.

  • Continue our work to become a recertified B Corp company.

We have aspirations to implement as many sustainable initiatives as we can and that’s why we at Rudolph Care are pleased to have started reporting on the work that has been essential to us from the beginning in 2009 and up until today. This isn’t the end of the journey and we look forward to our future work with improving our sustainability. We hope you will follow along.

If you have any questions or suggestions for our further work, please feel free to contact us at