The Sustainability Report 2021

Time line

A large part of our work with sustainability involves reflecting on the steps we have taken since 2006, which have led us to where we are today.

Below there's a timeline of our work with sustainability from 2006 to now.

The story of Rudolph Care

  • 2006: Our founder Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph is pregnant with her first child. As part of a Greenpeace campaign, Andrea lets her blood test for chemicals and the results show her blood is full of substances that are under suspicion for being harmful and potential endocrine disruptors.

  • 2006: Her daughter, Isolde, is born - 15 days later Andrea takes part in a development meeting at the laboratory and Rudolph Care is established.

  • 2006: Andrea goes to Brazil and falls in love with the açai berry that becomes the essence of many Rudolph Care products.

  • 2009: Launch of the world’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabeled and Ecocert-certified products.

  • 2012: Andrea travels to Brazil again and follows the harvest of the açai berries with local partners in the Amazon rainforest.

  • 2014: Launch of our coral friendly sun protection.

  • 2016: Launch of our first product with the AllergyCertified label.

  • 2017: Launch of our first product with the Asthma Allergy Nordic label.

  • 2018: Many Rudolph Care products achieve the international vegan certification, Vegan Trademark.

  • 2018: Beginning of our collaboration with the organization Plastic Change.

  • 2019: Initiation of our first social project in Brazil.

  • 2019: Participated in the project “Green growth via green business models”.

  • 2019: Participated in the SDG Accelerator programme where we determined the 4 UN Sustainable Development Goals, which we actively work with today.

  • 2020: Preparation of a shopping guide that helps our employees make purchases with the least possible impact on the climate and the environment.

  • 2020: Complete waste sorting at House of Rudolph Care in Valby.

  • 2020: Launch of our first GOTS-certified product.

  • 2021: Rudolph Care obtains the B Corp Certification.

  • 2021: Initiation of life cycle assessments for all our packaging types.

  • 2022: Publishing our first Sustainability Report.