Açai Body Lotion Limited Edition

Açai Body Lotion Limited Edition

400 ml

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Adds moisture
Especially good for
Dry skin
All skin types

House of Holidays

This year’s gift boxes and holiday products are beautifully wrapped in a new design – created in collaboration with the Swedish artist Cecilia Carlstedt; an illustrator known by her colorful and abstract hand drawings.

The illustrations are inspired by the House of Rudolph Care - Rudolph Care's magnificent and cozy headquarters in Copenhagen. It is here that all the ideas originate, where good karma and love for the cream and collages are born.

House of Holidays christmas boxes: Open Arms; gift box with 2 x Keep on Rolling Deodorant, Softness in a box; a gift box with Açai Body Scrub, Açai Body Lotion and To The Rescue Lip Balm & Caring Couple; a gift box with Silky SOap and Açai Han Cream.

This years Limited Edition holiday products; Shower Power 400 ml, Açai Body Lotion 400 ml & Açai Body Balm 850 ml.

How to use

Açai Body Lotion Limited Edition

Step 1
Cleanse your skin

Ensure that your skin is clean – have a shower, try our Shower Power Body Soap or exfoliate with Açai Body Scrub.

Step 2
Açai Body Lotion

Apply Açai Body Lotion all over your body. Apply deep pressure to massage into the skin until the lotion has been fully absorbed. The lotion is very dense which allows you to use less than you normally would.

Step 3

Mix Açai Body Lotion with A Hint of Summer. The natural self-tanning drops transform your body lotion into summer glow and a holiday feeling.

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