Rudolph Care's certifications are the founding elements of our business. They're our proof that we do what we say.

You'll find our two main certifications, the combination of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the internationally recognized organic certification, COSMOS, on many of our products. Among many other.

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Rudolph Care creates exclusive beauty products that prioritize sustainability as a crucial part of our care for both people and the environment. That is why by far the majority of our products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in unique combination with the Ecocert COSMOS Organic label. None of our products contain any of the 26 known fragrance allergens that the EU recommends we avoid.

This double certification is your guarantee that the content and packaging of every single product has been carefully selected on the basis of cultivation, processing, production, working conditions and packaging meeting stringent environmental and health-related standards.

At Rudolph Care we use our certifications as a possitive tool - a third party who can verify if the things we say and claim on our products are in fact true. The certifications also verify product quality, effect and environmental impact. We always aim for both core certifications, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Ecocert COSMOS Organic, when we develop new products, but in certain cases it's not an option.

By far the majority of Rudolph Care products also carry the Vegan Trademark label – with the exception of a few products that contain natural beeswax or honey. Our products for children are certified with the international AllergyCertified label. Mommy & Me is also certified with Asthma Allergy Nordic.

As we balance sustainability and luxury, exclusive effect and consistency in everything we do, a few of our products are only certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or Ecocert COSMOS Organic. This is a conscious decision on our part and clearly stated when you read about the product.

Our combinations of certifications are complex and extremely difficult to develop to. This is because each label has its own priorities. Some certifications are difficult to combine. For example, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and COSMOS are very different as they set different parameter requirements. COSMOS is very much concerned with the origin of ingredients whereas the Nordic Swan Ecolabel concentrates on the biodegradability of ingredients, the finished product and packaging. Rudolph Care continuously balances certifications against the quality and luxury we are so proud to offer. That is why our product development is never complete until we are satisfied with the combination of certifications, quality, fragrance, consistency and feeling of luxury. It is in this continuous balance that Rudolph Care finds its strength and differentiates itself significantly on quality.

We are proud of our many certifications and are always on hand to provide further details if you have any questions about sustainability. Please contact us at contact@rudolphcare.com.

About the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Nordic environmental label. The aim of the label is to reduce the impact on the environment for the benefit of humans, animals and the Earth’s resources. To be awarded this label, a product must meet a range of stringent requirements in all applicable phases of its life cycle as well as in the chemicals it uses.

- Hair and skincare products carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel do not contain MI or other preservatives classified as allergenic.

- They do not contain any components found on the EU’s list of substances suspected of being endocrine disruptors and do not contain microplastic.

- Stringent requirements are further made of care product packaging in terms of volume and packaging type.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel looks at the entire product. From raw ingredients to production, use, disposal and recycling. When you choose a product carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you help to drive product development in a more sustainable direction.

Find out more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel at www.ecolabel.dk


COSMOS is a common European certification of organic cosmetics which is used in more than 45 countries.

- Products carrying the COSMOS label must state the percentage of natural ingredients and organics.

- To be awarded the COSMOS Organic label, a product must have 95% natural ingredients.

- A minimum of 10% of the ingredients in products that can be washed off and a minimum of 20% of ingredients in products that cannot be washed off must be organic.

- Finally, a minimum of 95% of the natural oils and extracts in the product must be organic.

COSMOS is also a guarantee that ingredients are grown responsibly and with respect for the environment.

Find out more about COSMOS at www.cosmos-standard.org

About AllergyCertified

Lip Balm Kit, Kids Sun Lotion and Mommy & Me are certified with the international AllergyCertified label.

- These products contain no known allergens or allergenic preservatives.

- Every single ingredient has been assessed by a toxicologist.

- The products are 100% fragrance-free.

Find out more about AllergyCertified at www.allergycertified.com

About Asthma-Allergy Nordic

The Asthma-Allergy Nordic label, also called ‘the blue wreath’, makes it easy to avoid unnecessary chemicals and minimize the risk of allergic reaction and the development of allergies.

- Labelled products contain no substances that frequently trigger allergies.

- Labelled products contain no perfume, MI or formaldehyde.

You will find the certification on Mommy & Me, our shared mother-and-baby product.

Find out more about Asthma Allergy Nordic at www.astma-allergi.dk

About Vegan Trademark

By far the majority of Rudolph Care products carry the Vegan Trademark label – with the exception of a few products that contain natural beeswax or honey, pullulan (made with enzymes from egg and milk), lanolin and/or carmine.

We are very conscious of our use of these ingredients. We only buy organically certified honey extract and beeswax which ensures that we only use ingredients from happy and healthy bees. The lanolin used by Rudolph Care is exclusively a by-product from wool production, and the ingredient, carmine, that adds a red color to our Marie lipgloss, is of natural origin and food-grade standard - just like every other ingredient in our lip products.

It is and has always been a matter of course that we do not test our products on animals. In fact, we are very happy to test them on ourselves.

About GOTS

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a globally recognized standard for organic fibers, including independent certification of the entire supply chain. In other words, GOTS is your guarantee that a piece of fabric is made under proper working conditions, is free from harmful chemicals and is produced organically from harvest to final product.

Many Rudolph Care textile products are GOTS-certified. GOTS is important to Rudolph Care as it’s crucial that we implement our visions and ambitions from our primary beauty products in our additional universe of accessories. When we produce tote bags, they’re either made from 100% recycled textile or GOTS-certified textile. Therefore you will also find the GOTS label in several variants of our totes.

Find out more about GOTS at www.global-standard.org

About B Corp

In 2021, we obtained the B Corp certification. We are proud of this achievement. Rudolph Care was founded on the ambition to promote sustainability in the beauty business and to contribute to positive global change. Our B Corp certification is an important strategic means to that end.

In order to be acknowledged as a B Corporation, applicants are assessed on the basis of a broad range of criteria evaluating every effort and every facet of the business. To certified B Corps, it is a declared goal to set higher standards for both individual and society. Representing every line of business, B Corp organizations work not only to be the best in the world, but also for the world.

B Corps do more than merely plan for change – we actively carry out our plans to be the change we ourselves want to see in the world. We hold our suppliers responsible with regards to sustainability, social obligations and decent working conditions – and continuously strive to obtain the climate- and health-related certifications necessary to support this mission.

Within our own company, we are devoted to creating a healthy work environment for all staff members – acknowledging the individual as well as the team. We engage in social projects domestically and related to suppliers abroad. Together with other dedicated B Corps, Rudolph Care belongs to a platform of peers, who, in joint and individual efforts, work towards solving social and environmental issues – and who learn from each other. The purpose being to continuously measure the impact we create. Consequently, the B Corp certification makes Rudolph Care even more reliable to consumers – and even more interesting as a potential workplace or business partner.

In 2022, 26 B Corporations, including Rudolph Care, have organized and constituted B Beauty Coalition; an international community of likeminded B Corps of the beauty industry. The purpose of the coalition is to team up, share knowledge, work collectively on projects and to improve the sustainability standards of the beauty industry. Read more about B Beauty Coalition here.

If you would like to know more about B Corp: https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/movement/about-b-lab

Also find our answers to 9 commonly asked questions about B Corp right here.