Cleanse & Care Cloth by Rudolph Care

Add Cleanse & Care Cloth to your cleansing routine. Use it on its own or together with your favorite cleanser in the morning and evening.

You may use it in combination with your Gentle Cleansing Foam; apply it directly to the damp cloth and rinse your face. Or simply use the cloth after using your cleansing product.

Cleanse & Care Cloth has two sides; use the textured side when you crave a light exfoliation that leaves your skin fresh, clean and ready for your following care products.

There are two Cleanse & Cloths in one package.

Cleanse & Care Cloth is available while stocks last.

Especially good for
All skin types

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More about Cleanse & Care Cloth

Cleanse & Care Cloth is made from cotton and flax and has a tiny hanger so you can hang it to dry after use or washing.

Wash at 30-60C* and hang to air dry to spare both the fabric and the environment.

*Be aware that washing at warm temperatures may reduce the color of the fabric.

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