Herbal Mint & Forever Soft Kit

Happy hair days await with Herbal Mint Shampoo and Forever Soft Conditioner; now combined in one kit.

Wash your hair gently and thoroughly surrounded by fragrance notes of herbs and menthol as Herbal Mint Shampoo lathers to a soft foam that rinses your hair, cares for your scalp and brings new life to every lock of hair with organic rosemary, sage and aloe vera.

Rinse your hair free from shampoo and distribute Forever Soft Conditioner in your hair, massage well and leave in for a little while – this gives the softening and revitalizing ingredients from wheat protein, avocado oil and honey extract time to repair your hair, boosting it with vitality. Rinse your hair thoroughly afterwards.

Both Forever Soft Conditioner and Herbal Mint Shampoo are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel that cares for both you and nature. Both products contain natural fragrance – entirely without the 26 declarable allergens that the EU recommends we avoid.

The kit has a value of 570 DKK and is not combinable with discounts.

Especially good for
Dry & irritated scalp
All hair types

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