Hold Me Hanger by Rudolph Care // Stainless Steel

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Complete your Rudolph Care experience in your bathroom or kitchen with Hold Me Hanger by Rudolph Care // Stainless Steel. Hang it on your wall by the washbasin or in the shower as a fine accessory to your Rudolph Care favorites.

Suits the following Rudolph Care products:

Silky Soap
Exfoliating Soap
Hand Cream 200 ml
Herbal Mint Shampoo – 390 ml
Blossom Shampoo – 390 ml
Forever Soft Conditioner – 390 ml
Acai Body Lotion 400 ml

Hold Me Hanger is both designed and produced in Denmark. The round edges and straight design give a minimalistic and understated look that matches your Rudolph Care product. The material is brushed stainless steel that will naturally catch a bit of patina over time. Though it can be removed easily with simple and frequent cleaning.

Stainless steel is a resilient piece of material that contributes to a stylish everyday look in your home. Besides, Hold Me Hanger will provide air and space at the washbasin – and you won’t be dealing with toppled products nor marks on the washbasin/tabletop. Hold Me Hanger is also available in brass – find it here.

Hold med Hanger measures 4,8 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm and comes without screws. Available exclusively at rudolphcare.com

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Practical info

Separate the pump from your product and attach onto your Hold Me Hanger by assembling the pump and product around it.

Hold med Hanger by Rudolph Care measures 4,8 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm and comes without screws.